While Paul Rudd is currently well known for bringing joy to Marvel fans as Ant-Man, he reminded everyone this week of a different kind of joy he has brought over the last 20 years pranking host Conan O'Brien on his talk show with a now infamous scene from '80s movie Mac and Me.

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife star has appeared regularly on Conan O'Brien's show over the years to promote various movies, yet his visits always seemed to end up with him managing to show the same clip from the movie instead of an "exclusive" from his new film or series. As Conan O'Brien welcomed some of his favorite guests back to his show leading up to its finale, Rudd was not about to let the show close without crashing the party for one last round of Mac and Me.

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During an interview with Bill Hader on Conan, in which they were discussing a Saturday Night Live sketch that didn't get the best reaction - Rudd recalls it being called the worst sketch ever thanks to rehearsals getting no laughs at all - Rudd walked on set and sat himself down to rapturous applause. He then discussed the SNL sketch in detail, building up earnestly to the point he said they actually had a clip of the never before seen dress rehearsal of the sketch much to Hader's dismay. With everyone enthralled, Rudd cued up the clip, for everyone to be treated to the same Mac and Me clip he has managed to pull out of the bag time and time again.

As the Mac and Me clip ended, the camera cut back to Hader and O'Brien laughing hysterically, while Rudd sat between them sipping from a cup as casually as you can imagine. However, Rudd wasn't quite done, and after luring everyone into a false sense of security by revealing that over the years he had always planned on using a different clip from Baby Geniuses and since it was the last week of the show, he thought it was only right to run that clip too. Up came the video, and of course, it was the same Mac and Me clip yet again. You can see the full segment below.

O'Brien noted that over the years Paul Rudd has managed to catch him out time and time again through his sincerity, always leading him to believe that maybe this time he was actually going to see something new, and in fact, when promoting Ant-Man, Rudd did give the host something new - a clip from Ant-Man with Mac and Me interwoven into it, which is actually a movie I would pay good money to see. You can see that clip below.

While a joke like that can wear thin over time, the deadpan reaction of Rudd every time makes the whole thing a joy to watch, as O'Brien attempts to explain away, mainly it seems to himself, how he could allow the actor to do it all over again so many times. A compilation of many of the times Rudd has used the clip can be found below, and even if it means seeing the same clip a dozen times, the reaction is worth it every single time.