Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus:Moviehole have two early - very rough - concept designs up for the upcoming spy thriller Daisy Scarlett : Semper Occultus which Jason Statham and Jet Li attached to and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's company Plan B are circling.

These are early sketches for the lead character, the titular, Daisy. One person says she "looks like a violent real estate agent." Contenders for the role in the film include Anna Friel and Rachel Weiz. Daisy's appearance for the designs were modelled on actress/singer Helen Shan. Another look that will be used in the test shots, with Helen, will see Daisy in SWAT style combat gear.

Written by Brit Scribe Ben Trebilcook, the film centres on a 007 like female spy, M16 agent Daisy Scarlett. Li and Statham are attached and it's believed Jennifer Aniston is currently being sought for the role of a corrupt FBI Agent.

Thanks to 'Clint'