Confederacy of Dunces: Long ago someone was kind enough to loan me a very worn and dog eared copy of this novel. As they handed it to me I noticed a quiet trepidation. It seems they were afraid that I would fall for this book the way they had and they would never see their precious copy again. They were right. And to them I am very sorry. If this were a site about books I could go into great detail about this wonderful novel. About the tragic story of its creation and publication. And about the pure joy reading it brings me. But, alas I can only go into the details as they pertain to the film world. The novel, by John Kennedy Toole, was first optioned by Hollywood producers in 1980. There have been many incarnations, one even involving Steven Soderbergh, but none have come to fruition. Finally, 22 years after the odyssey began for this film adaptation Miramax is set to begin shooting this fall. No director is attached at this point, though I still vote for Soderbergh, and no stars have been named.

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Harry Potter 2: Entertainment Weekly has posted this article that not only gives a few juicy tidbits about the film but most importantly has nine of the best quality shots from the film that we have seen thus far! I will admit that I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I cannot wait to see this film!

CLICK HERE an incredible Harry Potter gallery to whet your appetite!

Movie Picture{5} Okay, so when I first heard they were making a third {6} flick I was a bit skeptical. I mean come on Arnold is getting up there a bit, and his last few movies weren't really up to the level of his best work. Slowly but surely though {7} is winning me over. Today I awoke to a couple of really kick ass images. I just love the idea of Arnold tearing through a cemetery with a casket on his shoulder and a shotgun in his hand!

CLICK HERE for Arnold loading the hearse as only he can!

CLICK HERE and see the bad ass shot I was mentioning above!

Indiana Jones 4:Cinescape shows up this morning bearing the gift of Indy 4 news. It seems They had a little interview with a certain Mr. Spielberg and got him to spill a little info on the eagerly anticipated 4 Jones film. Most of it just confirms the rumors that have been floating around. The best part though is when asked whether he thought Ford was up to the challenge Spielberg was quoted as saying "Harrison Ford can still kick the s**t out of most people half his age. I think he's in great condition to put the fedora and the hat and the leather jacket back on and crack that bullwhip a few more times." I couldn't have said it better myself!

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