In the blink of an eye the summer is behind us. Kids are armed with new pencils and notebooks, stores are stocking autumn colors, and I swear I already saw a Halloween display up in the mall. Of course, as football season gears up, so does the new fall TV season. This year it seems to be starting earlier than ever, so it's time we look at the premiere dates and program our DVRs and VCRs to catch all the programs we want to watch. I have an extra DVR now, so I think I'll be least, I hope so.

Monday August 21st sees the premiere of Fox's Prison Break. The brothers are on the lam and on the hunt for buried treasure. I'll be tuning in for more of the audacious goodness, especially Wentworth Miller. Right after Prison Break, new show Vanished will premiere also. This is one of the two 'kidnapping themed' shows on this fall. This one is more serialized, focusing on the disappearance of a U.S. Senator's wife. I give every new show at least two chances to impress me, so I'll be sampling this next week.

I've still got Project Runway to keep me busy until Bones second season and Fox's new show Justice premiere on August 30th. Justice has an interesting cast, including Victor Garber who was last seen as Sydney's dying dad Jack Bristow on Alias. I love him so I definitely will give this show a chance.

That's it for the August premieres, everything else starts hurtling toward us at high speed the first week of September. Until then, check out my reviews of some cable shows which are still showing episodes this summer and look for the DVD sets of many of last seasons shows which are coming to a store near you in the next few weeks. If you need to catch up on Lost, Veronica Mars, House or Prison Break, now is the time.

I've seen the billboards for the new CW around town. I'm not convinced that green is really the right color for the new network. The connotation of a 'green' network screams 'amateur' to me. It's a subliminal thing. Maybe it's just me.

Now that I have an HD receiver for my TV, football is going to be a joy to watch this season. I love being able to see individual blades of grass when I'm watching men get driven face first into the turf. Quite the spectator sport.

Sorry about my prolonged vacation -- now that things are heating up, I'll have to be more diligent in my reports. We'll talk Prison Break and Vanished next week after the premieres and ponder the futures of some of the summer's reality fare. What will survive for another season?

Until then, head to the MovieWeb TV Forums to chat about the shows you are looking forward to seeing!