After Adam Lambert's recent AMA performance, I wrote a piece running down my thoughts on his misguided antics, his blatant use of his platform to promote and 'glamorize' (pun intended) his lifestyle and the way he betrayed American Idol and his fans from the show.

Needless to say, a lot of users had opinions on the topic. Most, it seemed, disagreed with my perspective.

So be it.

I thought it appropriate, though, to point out the stark contrast between Lambert, accompanied by his 3-ring shock-circus and the understated music-is-the-thing performance by Kris Allen on So You Think You Can Dance on this week's results show.

Counter to Lambert's sideshow, Allen's performance of his straight-down-the-middle "Live Like We're Dying" is refreshingly simple. He's on-stage, with his band...singing, playing... It's the music, stupid!

So, before a bunch of Lambert fan(atic)s start pronouncing me some kind of lilly-pure-inbred-homeboy, let me just say that when it comes to music, I'm clearly a purist. If you're a Pussycat Doll or a Spice Girl and you can't get up in front of an audience and sing and play (unplugged, as it were), you're not - to me - a 'musician'... you're a 'performer'. All the better if you write, too, if you want cred, but at the very least be willing and able to get up without any mixing or lip-syncing and just do your song. I don't like a bunch of production and pretend.

I'm not saying Lambert can't get up and sing. Of course, he can... when he's not screeching like a murderous wraith. In fact, I'm sure a couple of the Pussycat Dolls and Spice Girls can sing, too. Lambert (as well as a couple of the aforementioned 'Dolls' and 'Girls') can probably write, as well.

But Lambert's antics and shock-tactics make him only one step removed from Milli Vanilli, in my book. Allen, on the other hand, delivers a simple, capable, John Mayer or Dave Matthews vibe that shows both talent and an appeal for a much wider audience. It would also go without saying that I think his lyrics are infinitely more tenable, not only for radio play, but also as something I won't hesitate to play through my car audio or home stereo off my iPod playlist when my kids are listening.

So... go ahead, haters. Let's hear it! But before you skewer my thoughts on the topic, at least go check out the video:


A user submitted a video that shows both Kris and Adam doin' it live in Detroit on Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy'. Good performance proving that they both got chops.

For the record, if Lambert stuck to performances like that with more innocuous lyrics, I'd buy his stuff.