I know, it's been ages since we talked. Did you miss me? Let me tell you, the film guys have it easy. They go see a movie, review it, done. But TV...it's a long term commitment. You can't just watch one episode of a show (unless it is really horrible) and move on. No, in most cases you have to watch 22 of the suckers, and when your TV schedule consists of about 15-20 shows, it becomes very difficult to find time for other activities, like sleeping or playing Guitar Hero (my latest addiction).

But this is what I sacrifice for you, the loyal Movieweb reader who needs to know what is good and what is atrocious in the TV landscape. So it is with a great deal of sleep deprivation I have sifted through over 100 hours of recorded television in the last two months. Ten episodes of Heroes. Ten episodes of Jericho. Six episodes of Lost and on, and on. I have even watched some shows prior to their airing so that you may know what is coming your way which might require viewing (those will be in seperate review articles in the coming week).

Okay, so down to the good stuff...what is the good stuff? Well, there are the 'usual suspects', the shows you'd expect to be at the top of the list -- Battlestar Galactica, Lost, House, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Prison Break. Then there are the newcomers, the shows I can't stop watching (though the networks have forced me to for a few weeks): Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty, Men in Trees. Shows which have provided me some amusement but are not top tier: Shark, Jericho, Standoff and Justice. I even find room to enjoy 30 Rock and Studio 60 (it's not as good as it should be). Of course, 24 is coming. So is American Idol, and I do love AI somethin' fierce.

Do you have Showtime? Watch Dexter. If you have basic cable, check out The Closer and Rescue Me. HBO? The Wire. Sci-Fi is airing The Lost Room this week as a mini-series with a great cast. I highly recommend it.

So, what does that leave behind? Well, a lot. I still love Medium, Boston LegaL, and Crossing Jordan and enjoy watching Scrubs and My Name Is Earl from time to time, but there are only so many hours in the day. Sacrifices must be made!

I cannot fathom Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. I guess I'm out of the mainstream on those. I've been told to give Brothers & Sisters another try. I swear at some point I'll catch up.

I will never be a CSI/Law and Order junkie. Just not in my blood. Still, I pick up an episode here or there and can't say it annoys me. Comfort food.

Why anyone watches The Ghost Whisperer or Las Vegas is beyond me. And who watches NCIS and Criminal Minds?? They are top 10 shows, yet I know no one who watches either.

I'm starting to miss watching Supernatural. Another to catch up on in the future. I've never watched One Tree Hill or The O.C. Just not the demo for either.

ER still does "that" well? Aren't they recycling stories from 12 years ago now??

Sitcoms -- they do exist, though I can't seem to find time for them. Also I don't find most of them that funny. Except South Park. I'll always laugh at South Park. The Simpsons is on its decline, in my opinion. And no, I do not 'get' The Family Guy. In my world there is no 'it' to get. It doesn't make me laugh, end of story.

And now I need some sleep. We'll talk about favorite Christmas/Holiday specials next time out. Prepare for a walk down memory lane!