So, here we are... a hearty few weeks into the new TV season (ok, we'll call it several), and what do I see? Reruns, reruns everywhere!.

Damn, I hate reruns!

The Unit turned in reruns, as have several of my other favorites. Nothing worse than getting set up for a new week of adventure, only to be served an episode from Season 1 (I know... I have the Season 1 set right here... Yes, it was on that set...).

But, there's worse. What, you ask? Worse is when the networks shuffle shows around all akimbo for no apparent reason. You got mid-first-half-season entries coming on ABC, like Daybreak (think Groundhog Day, but with more action, starring Taye Diggs). Then, you got Kidnapped, the reasonably entertaining NBC entry moving to Saturdays (what? are they trying to totally shit-can their audience? yep). Then, Fox moves their kidnap drama, Vanished to Fridays. Whoa! Damn. Anything else we should know? Yep. Justice now has a Monday night slot and... well, who cares?

Basically, the week shapes up like this...


You got Prison Break as the anchor for Monday night (on Fox) and then you have to switch to NBC for Heroes. During both of these shows, you could also record How I Met Your Mother on CBS (for a 30 minute gag when you got time to kill) and Justice on Fox. Not sure why you want to, since the acting and directing is some of the stiffest you've ever seen, but... it's better than recording The Bachelor: Rome. After all this, you got What About Brian on ABC, CSI: Miami on CBS and Friday Night Lights on NBC. Now, I killed Lights after stumbling through only about 30 minutes of the first ep. Why? I got enough with Billy Bob and the Odessa boys on the feature film. If I want to see it again, I'll pull out the DVD. Brian is really on its last legs as far as I'm concerned. I continue to sag through it, though, waiting for some hint of storyline from the train-wreck that is the current status. CSI? A longtime runner and Caruso is so comically intense, you can't help but watch it.


Standoff returns to its kind of off-kilter beat on Tuesdays, facing off against NCIS and a show I've never watched, Dancing with the Stars. I watch Standoff on Fox and record NCIS for the following day, while I'm working in my office. Then, my favorit hour starts, with House and The Unit facing off (I usually watch House and record The Unit, but catch that after my wife drifts off (thank the boob-tube gods for dual-tuner DVRs!). Then, Boston Legal drifts me off to sleep. I record this one on both my office and bedroom DVRs so that I can either watch it at night or the next day at work.


Taking a breather from a hard-and-heavy Tuesday, we start off with Bones on Fox, while I'm recording Jericho in the office for the following day. Then, we got Lost on ABC facing off with Criminal Minds on CBS. Now I usually watch Lost with my wife, so I record Criminal Minds in the office for the next day. If I've got anything left over from Tuesday or a previous week and I'm not ready to sleep, I'll pick that up now.


Surprisingly, nothing really gets me going on Thursdays. I record My Name is Earl to run in the background while I work on Friday, but don't consider it "must-see" for Thursday night. Same goes for Six Degrees, which kinda limps in for ABC on Thursday against Shark on CBS, which I enjoy just because I like watching James Woods do his thing. The Office? I hate that piece of steaming dog feces with a passion previously reserved for the dogs that actually deposit their doo on my lawn. 'Nuff said.


Fridays will now get Vanished, so I'll pick it up on the DVR and watch it when I get a chance... Maybe late Friday, maybe late Saturday... or something. But I really hold out for Las Vegas on Fridays, although it is kinda hokey...but I enjoy it. I also record Close to Home (but I haven't watched it since last season) and Numbers (although I've never watched it.


Kidnapped anchors Saturday as the only thing worth recording or watching on a night that usually serves up DVD entertainment in my house. I'll record it and watch it when I can. Note that I'm already 2 episodes behind... Oh well. If it still hangs there during holiday reruns, I'll burn it off to catch up. I've recorded entire seasons of 24 and tried to watch it in real-time. Well, the best I've ever done is 2 weekends.


The Housewives are Desperate on Sunday nights and, while I'm tiring of their stories and pathetic suburban dreck, my wife and I still tune in to Desperate Housewives on Sundays. While Extreme Makeover:Home Edition used to be a strong lead-in to the Wives, we've lately tired of the relentless pitching for Sears and others and find that we like to thear the backstory, and then hurry and fast-forward to the reveal. So, we'll record it and pick it up when we're trying to kill about 15 minutes while we let the DVR get ahead of us on an hour-long show. I think this show is tired enough, but now, the "DO-IT-YOURSELF" Network has their own version... Oh man.

So, that does it. I tried to demystify the network shuffle that took place over the last couple of weeks while Fox was distracting most of the country with MLB. Is any of the stuff on my schedule worth watching? Probably not. If I didn't have 3 DVRs in the house, I'd miss it all in favor of spending time with the kids, who are infinitely more entertaining than any of this programming. But with plenty of recording cycles and hours of time late at night (I hate to sleep) and during the work-day to run this stuff off, I find that I can still be one of the networks' heaviest consumers of commercial-supported television. That said, with so many DVRs, I can't remember when I last watched a commercial...

There's a lot of stuff on the weekly schedule for everyone to enjoy, although the majority of what I find myself really drawn to is action (The Unit) and dramedy (House and Boston Legal), all of which can be filled on Tuesdays.

At least I can say there is lots of stuff to watch all throughout the week and not just a powerhouse single night of the week.

Thanks for reading... Stay Tuned!