The Good

Fans of British humor are going to love this film.

The Bad

This mock documentary seems like it would be better suited for reality TV.

A mock documentary of the highest order Confetti follows three couples who are competing for the fictitious Confetti Magazine Most Original Wedding of the Year. All three couples have three vastly different themes to each of their nuptials. For Matt and Sam they have chosen Hollywood Musicals. This wouldn't be that big of a problem if they weren't hampered by the fact that they can't sing. Josef and Isabelle are going with a tennis theme, and Michael and Joanna are nudists going with, you guessed it, a nudist wedding. Helping all of these weddings come off are two wedding planners for all three events, and the families and friends of all the people involved.

If you have ever gone through a wedding, if you have ever been in a wedding, if you have ever bought a gift for a wedding, if you have ever gone to a wedding, then Confetti is for you.


Confetti Keeps Falling and Alternate Endings

For some reason they broke up these extra features into two sections when all they really are are Deleted Scenes. Confetti Keeps Falling is broken up into 3 parts as it counts down the weeks until the weddings are to come off. These feature extra scenes of the couples and the wedding planners as they try and get everything in order. The Alternate Endings can be watched separately or branched within the film. Since I didn't even look at the extra features until I was done screening this DVD, I watched them in parts and I don't think that's the way to go. We get more scenes of all the couples but there's nothing about them that makes me think they should have been in the film.


1.85:1 - Aspect Ratio. Shot on video (as this plays into the whole Reality TV aesthetic) this film doesn't look as sharp as American Reality TV, and actually seems to purposely employ the blown out look that so many British shows have. While the people shooting this obviously know how to make a documentary, I find it uncanny how easily they replicate the medium. Nothing too dazzling, but if I didn't know this was a mockumentary, I would have thought what I was seeing was real.


Dolby Digital. The beauty of making a mock documentary is that people are usually more forgiving if your production values are not 100% up to par. This being a movie from 20th Century Fox, that is really never an issue. The audio here was good but I think, if you are American, it helps to have the subtitles on when watching this film. These actors speak so quickly, they have their own jargon and it just makes following the story that much easier. That said, the sound wasn't bad it just isn't that a big a deal within this film.


The three couples from this film are presented on top of a wedding cake. They are all dressed according to the themes of their weddings, with confetti falling all around them on this front cover. The back portion gives us a description of this movie, it offers up a Special Features listing, some technical specs and a cast list. I honestly wonder how a film like Confetti, with no real recognizable names (they can't be in order to pull off the reality of this documentary) will do on DVD. Then again, I am sure 20th Century Fox knows what they're doing, right?

Final Word

While I think this movie probably should have been only released on cable, overall I found it to be both engaging and funny. That said, one of Confetti's biggest missed opportunities was not showcasing the fear in the eyes of most men (that I have witnessed) as they go and get registered with their fiancés for their weddings. They touched on this a little bit but not enough for my tastes. Weddings are ripe for comedy as Robert Altman so deftly showed in A Wedding. As I get older and find myself going to more and more of these things, the lovely, it's a "special occasion" idea seems to have gone out the window. Now, I am starting to feel put upon and almost obligated to attend them even when it isn't something I even care to do.

Depending on your tastes Confetti may or may not be for you. If you like mock documentary films, done with a British flavor, then you should certainly give this movie a look.

Confetti was released May 5, 2006.