Having someone die watching your scary movie, while extremely sad, sometimes becomes the stuff of urban legends. And now horror maestro James Wan can add that dubious distinction to his resume. While the man-in-question's family probably doesn't appreciate the extra press in this time of mourning, it does bring an interesting tone to the hit horror sequel The Conjuring 2. Knowing that someone died while watching it certainly makes it a bit more creepy. Though all sympathies go out to the poor individual who didn't survive his time in the theater.

DNA India is reporting that an unidentified 65-year-old man from Andrah Pradesh, India, suffered a heart attack during The Conjuring 2. He passed away Thursday night during a late showing of the supernatural thriller. It is noted that the man in question had been staying in an ashram in Thiruvannmalai, Tamil Nadu. The report goes onto call it a 'massive stroke' which happened midway through the film.

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It's stated that the man was watching the movie when the incident occurred. But prior to his passing, he did complain of chest pain while seated in the Balasubramaniyar theatre. An ambulance was immediately called, but the man died before help could arrive. It is unclear why the movie wasn't stopped, nor why the man, who was obviously in quite a bit of discomfort, continued to sit in the theatre watching the movie as opposed to getting up and moving to the lobby.

It's possible that he was unable to move, but still doesn't quite answer the question as to why the theatre managers felt it was okay to let the movie continue to play out. Perhaps as to not disturb the other patrons. But it sounds like the arrival of medics would have done just that. The movie itself doesn't sound like it would be conducive to viewers who are prone to heart problems, as it has a number of unique and genuine jump scares that are actually taking even the hardest horror aficionados by surprise. The movie is certainly a pulse-pounder that will get heart rates up. And we wouldn't be surprised if Warner Bros. issued some sort of warning. Though, that notion harkens back to the works of William Castle, who traded in those kind of publicity stunts.

The Conjuring 2 will definitely be the biggest horror movie of the summer. As it enters its second weekend in release, it has already earned $61.6 million at the domestic box office, and $151.8 million worldwide. The movie was made on a $40 million budget, and it was already announced this past week that the scary supernatural being at the center of the movie is getting a spinoff simply titled The Nun. We're not sure how this unidentified man's passing will help or hurt the box office as the movie carries through its theatrical dates. We will keep you updated if any further news breaks. Our sympathies go out to the man's family and friends.