Although an official green light from the studio has not been given yet, it seems rather clear that The Conjuring 3 will happen, since both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 were so successful that they each warranted their own spin-off, with Annabelle and the upcoming Annabelle: Creation spun off of the first movie, and the upcoming The Nun spun off from last year's sequel. Peter Safran, who has produced all of The Conjuring movies and the spin-offs, recently teased that The Conjuring 3 will not be another haunted house movie.

JoBlo caught up with Peter Safran during a visit to the set of Annabelle: Creation, which hits theaters August 11. When the talk eventually turned to The Conjuring 3, the producer revealed they plan on delving deeper into the Warren case files, by tackling some of the cases that are lesser known than the cases shown in the first two movies. While he didn't specify what cases they may be exploring, the producer made it clear The Conjuring 3 will not feature a "family in peril."

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"There are some [cases] that maybe aren't as well known, but they spent a fair bit of time researching and were part of [them]. Clearly, we can't do another haunted house movie, right? We can't do another supernatural possession in a house, with a family in peril. Right? So, it's got to be something different than that, I think. There are a lot of places to go, and there's a fair bit of material there."

Last summer, just after The Conjuring 2 was released in theaters, The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 director James Wan hinted that The Conjuring 3 may focus on werewolves, with a story that could be in the same vein as An American Werewolf in London that sees "the Warren's set against the backdrop of The Hound of Baskerville." It is actually possible, too, since The Warren's published a book in 1991 entitled Werewolf: A True Story of Demonic Possession, which chronicles the true story of a man named Bill Ramsey, a.k.a. The Southend Werewolf. The Warren's were brought in to perform an exorcism in 1989, believing the man was possessed by the devil. While his werewolf incidents were happening more frequently shortly before the exorcism, there were no recorded incidents after the exorcism.

There has been no confirmation that this story will be used for The Conjuring 3 quite yet, or even confirmation that The Conjuring 3 is happening. Director James Wan is currently directing Warner Bros.' superhero adventure Aquaman at the moment, and it isn't known if there is a writer working on The Conjuring 3 script. The Conjuring earned $137.4 million domestic and $318 million worldwide in 2013 from just a $20 million budget. The 2016 follow-up The Conjuring 2 earned $102.4 million domestic and $320.2 million worldwide from a $40 million budget.