The Conjuring franchise is set to continue this summer with Annabelle Comes Home, the third entry in the first spin-off series that came as a result of the original James Wan-directed horror hit. But could this latest entry actually contain the next figure who will be getting its own spin-off? It's possible, but that all depends on how the audience responds to a figure we now know to be called The Ferryman.

Anyone who watched the most recent trailer for Annabelle Comes Home, which serves as the directorial debut for longtime series writer and producer Gary Dauberman, there are other paranormal figures at play here, including an especially creepy one that is based on the Greek myth of Charon. Dauberman had this to say about his inspiration for The Ferryman.

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"One of the things that's always haunted me when I go online, and look at certain s***, is the pictures of those corpses with the coins over their eyes, which was to pay The Ferryman, which was something that I always thought was really this cool idea. There's a very Grim Reaper-esque quality to all that stuff, so it was something I wanted to dig into here."

Annabelle Comes Home brings back the Warrens, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. They go out of town and leave their daughter, played by Mckenna Grace, in the care of some babysitters who get curious about their room of haunted artifacts. After going in there, despite the Warrens warning against it, the evil doll and many of the other artifacts in the room basically turn the home into a terrifying version of Night at the Museum.

The Ferryman will clearly play a big part in the terror set to befall these poor girls. Fans of the franchise may recall that The Nun was a spin-off that resulted from The Conjuring 2, where Valak was first introduced. So, could The Ferryman be given a similar spin-off down the line? According to Gary Dauberman, it's not at all out of the question, but that's not why they threw him in the movie in the first place.

"There's been some artifacts that I've really sort of fallen in love with, that I would love to scratch beneath the surface I've presented here, and see what's up with them. But I didn't look at this process, or I know James [Wan] didn't, going, 'What other stuff can we absolutely spin-off into other movies?' [It's about] what works for this movie, and then if people seem to dig it, then we'll got from there. I mean, when James did The Nun for Conjuring 2, it wasn't like, 'Oh, that's going to be great as a spin-off.' It was just the audience seemed to really respond to it, for good reason, because she's terrifying, and then going, 'Well, okay, that feels like a movie.' But it's always been a very organic process, which I've always respected and like about it."

To date, The Conjuring universe movies, including this year's The Curse of La Llorona, have grossed $1.68 billion at the global box office. While these movies aren't always critical hits, to say the least, Warner Bros. and New Line have no reason to slow this horror train down. So, if audiences respond, maybe The Ferryman will get his very own movie. Annabelle Comes Home is set to arrive in theaters on June 26. This news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.