The [email protected] panel for the 15th anniversary of Constantine did not disappoint. Keanu Reeves, director Francis Lawrence, and producer Akiva Goldsman reunited to reflect on the making of the 2005 DC Comics adaptation, which was moderated by Steven Weintraub. It's hard to believe that it's already been 15 years since the movie hit theaters, but one can tell that it's a project that Reeves, Goldsman, and Lawrence really enjoyed making. They also seem to be pretty excited to revisit the comic book movie all these years later, as evidenced by today's panel.

Most of the Constantine 15th anniversary [email protected] panel found the crew talking about great behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the 2005 adaptation of the beloved DC comic series. The panel was only 45 minutes in length and some fans may have wanted it to go on a bit longer. However everybody is pretty busy at the moment, with Reeves already back on The Matrix 4 set rehearsing and preparing to get cameras rolling again.

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Based on the DC character John Constantine, 2005's Constantine follows Keanu Reeves as ordinary man who has the power to save the world from evil. Constantine has a gift, or a curse, of being able to spot the good and bad spirits that disguise themselves as humans in order to fit in. As one can imagine, this is a bit much for a teenaged version of the character, who goes and tries to kill himself. As an adult, Constantine becomes an occult detective and a guardian of Paradise and Hell. The comic books were written so well that one could tell that it was bound to turn into a Hollywood movie.

However, Constantine was not the instant hit that the studio thought they had when it opened in theaters. It was able to earn $230.9 million and it made a profit, but the studio was expecting more. Francis Lawrence had this to say about the movie's cult status. "It's interesting that over the years, Constantine seems like it's become ... like it has this sort of cult following, which has been great," Lawrence said. He adds, "It's been embraced. It would be great to figure out a sequel, and if we did, and we've been trying to figure one out, it would be great to do the really dark, scary version."

The sequel is something that has come up a number of times over the years, and Constantine fans are still holding out hope that Constantine 2 will happen. As for San Diego [email protected], this year has been much different than the previous years, but everybody seems to be in good spirits and these panels seem genuinely excited to deliver good news to people who could all use a bit of some positivity in their lives. You can check out the Constantine 15th anniversary panel above, thanks to the Collider YouTube channel.