A sequel to the 2005 comic book adaptation, Constantine, which starred Keanu Reeves, is now in the works according to the first movie's star Peter Stormare. Stormare, who played Lucifer in the first Constantine, made the announcement on social media, posting confirmation of Constantine 2 with the wonderfully direct message, "Sequel In The Works," along with an image of himself as the fallen Archangel.

Based on the DC comic Hellblazer and the character John Constantine, Constantine stars Keanu Reeves as an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift who must save the planet from evil. Unknown to most people, the world is crowded with spirits both good and evil who walk among us in human guise. One of the few who can see these spirits is John Constantine, but the responsibility of his vision is more than he can stand, and, as a teenager, he attempts to take his own life.

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Saved from death, Constantine must now atone for his actions by acting as a guardian in the middle ground between Paradise and Hell and becoming a detective of the occult and the paranormal. On his quest, Constantine makes the acquaintance of Angela Dodson, a police detective who becomes aware of his unusual gift while looking into the death of her sister. He leads her into the unknown world of the spirits and soon circumstances demand that they join forces in a desperate bid to save humanity from evil.

Directed by The Hunger Games and I Am Legend's Francis Lawrence, and written by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello, Constantine stars Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Tilda Swinton, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Djimon Hounsou, and Gavin Rossdale alongside Reeves. Peter Stormare makes an appearance during the finale, with his eccentrically creepy take on the Devil easily emerging as one of the movie's highlights.

There have been rumors of a Constantine sequel for some time, with both Reeves and Lawrence declaring their eagerness to return at every opportunity. The director recently discussed his desire to make an R-rated Constantine movie and hinted that should a sequel ever be greenlit that this would be his intention.

While the first Constantine was not met particularly well by critics, currently standing at 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, fans were a lot more enamored with it, with the movie since garnering a passionate following, particularly thanks to the newfound love for central star Keanu Reeves.

Despite the ongoing rumors, a sequel to Constantine still comes a huge surprise, especially when it follows the announcement earlier this year that director J.J. Abrams will be bringing a live action Justice League Dark series, which includes John Constantine, Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna among its founding members, to life on HBO Max. Justice League Dark will follow an alternate branch of the Justice League that is dedicated to dealing with mystical and supernatural threats, with several heavily rumored spin-offs to follow, one of which is a standalone Constantine series.

Here's hoping that Stormare is right and hasn't just gotten his wires crossed, and that Reeves' John Constantine and Stormare's Lucifer will once again come face-to-face for our entertainment. This comes to us courtesy of Peter Stormare's official Instagram account.