You can watch Keanu Reeves and his big arm tattoos in high-definition this October. Constantine will debut on Blu-Ray on October 14. The disc will be priced at $28.99 SRP. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf and Djimon Hounsou.

Based on the DC Comics/Vertigo Hellblazer graphic novels and written by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello, Constantine tells the story of John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a man who has literally been to hell and back. When he teams up with skeptical policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldly events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.

Special Features

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- In-Movie Experience - During the feature, Director Francis Lawrence will lead an exploration of the plot, stunts, characters and filmmaking process of Constantine.

- Commentary by Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman - Director Francis Lawrence and Producer Akiva Goldsman discuss the film scene by scene)

- Commentary by Kevin Brodbin and Frank A. Cappello - Screenwriters Kevin Brodbin and Frank A. Cappello discuss the different written forms of Constantine

- Channeling Constantine - An exploration of the ensemble cast

- Conjuring Constantine - A look at the comic book origins and how the story was brought to the screen

- Director's Confessional - Francis Lawrence discusses the making of his first feature

- Collision with Evil - Revealing the process of creating the scavenger crash

- Holy Relics - The propmaster unveils Constantine's arsenal

- Shotgun Shootout - The choreography of Constantine's climactic gunfight

- Hellscape - Creating Constantine's Hell

- Visualizing Vermin - A CG creature comes to life

- Warrior Wings - Creating the half-breed's wings

- Unholy Abduction - From pre-production to post, Angela's abduction is explained

- Demon Face - A time-lapse look at creating the Demon Balthazar

- Constantine's Cosmology - Noted myths expert Phil Cousineau explores the origins of Constantine's tale

- Foresight: The Power of Pre-Visualization

- Optional Commentary by Francis Lawrence -The preliminary process of creating shot by shot animatics for complex scenes

- A Writer's Vision - Screenwriter Frank A. Cappello explains an early animation he created to help him visualize aspects of Constantine

- Deleted Scenes - Optional Commentary by Francis Lawrence

Chas bowls

Surveillance video

Border patrol

Hennessey's apartment

Demonic tryst

Original Vermin attack

Background check


Demonic escort

Constantine's past

Light command

Last chance

Demon's pardon

- Alternate cemetery ending

- Passive Music Video by A Perfect Circle

- Teaser Trailer - HD

- Theatrical Trailer- HD