Back in June, NBC released a new trailer for their upcoming series Constantine, which featured a special Easter Egg for comic book fans, the iconic helmet of Doctor Fate. However, there was yet another hidden clue that most fans missed, which DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns teased on his Twitter page over the weekend. Take a look at the photo, then read on for more details.

<strong><em>Constantine</em></strong> Pilot Photo

Behind the helmet of Fate lies the Ibistick, which is used by Ibis the Invincible. Of course, the presence of this Ibistick, which is a magical wand that can be used for practically any purpose when used for good, doesn't exactly confirm the character will appear in the series, since it could just be a clever nod for comic book fans.

Ibis first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in 1940, but the independent comic stopped publication in the 1950s, leading DC to license the character and bring him back in the 1970s. The character was connected to Shazam, with the duo defending Fawcett City from a number of villains including King Kull, The Shade and many more. At one point, Ibis was a member of Shazam's Squadron of Justice, which was comprised of Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher, Ibis, Bulletman and Bulletgirl and Mister Scarlet.

Are you excited to see Constantine's versions of Doctor Fate and Ibis the Invincible? Chime in with your thoughts below. The show debuts Friday, October 24 on NBC.