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�"The show too controversial for network television Action: The Complete Series - Uncut & Unbleeped, starring Jay Mohr (Pay It Forward, TV's "Last Comic Standing"), Illeana Douglas (Dummy, Ghost World), Buddy Hackett, Jarrad Paul and Jack Plotnick, debuts on DVD February 21. The two-disc set, featuring all 13 episodes, will be available for $24.96 SLP from Sony Home Pictures Entertainment.

Action took on Hollywood and the censors with its no holds barred, bleep-filled take on the film industry. Executive Producers Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy, Die Hard), Ted Demme (Blow, "Beautiful Girls") and Don Reo (TV's "My Wife and Kids," "The John Laroquette Show," "M*A*S*H") took great pride in pushing sitcom boundaries with their wry, campy and irreverent humor along with a "no mercy" attitude toward Hollywood and the show's characters. Shot with just a single camera, the innovative series featured cameos by top talent in almost every episode, including appearances by Keanu Reeves (As Good As It Gets, The Matrix Trilogy), Salma Hayek (Frieda, Once Upon a Time in Mexico), Sandra Bullock (Crash, Miss Congeniality) and Scott Wolf (TV's "Everwood," "Party of Five").

Mega-producer Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) has a track-record of huge box-office hits, and a hugely inflated ego, even by Hollywood standards. A Xantac-popping, stereotypical over-the-top producer who everyone loves to hate, Peter's record of box office hits was perfect … until his last cinematic bomb. Determined to remain on the Hollywood "hit" list he resorts to desperate measures. Dragon hires Wendy Ward (Illeana Douglas), a former child TV star who is now a call girl, to be his new development executive since she's the only one he can trust to tell him the truth. Rounding out the cast are Jack Plotnick as Vice President of Development, Stuart Glazer, Jarrad Paul playing neurotic writer Adam Rifkin and Buddy Hackett as Uncle Lonnie, the head of security who spends most of his time sleeping on the couch.

DVD Special Features Include:

- Digitally Mastered Audio and Video

- Full Screen Presentations

- Audio: English (stereo)

- Commentaries on Select Episodes

- Featurette: Getting Into the Action

- Set Top Feature: Trust Me: Useful Words and Phrases Every Producer Must Know

Action: The Complete Series - Uncut & Unbleeped episodes include:


Re-enter The Dragon

Blood Money


Mr. Dragon Goes to Washington

Twelfth Step to Hell

Dragon's Blood

Love Sucks

Strong Sexual Content and Adult Themes

Lights, Camera, Action!

Dead Man Floating

One Easy Piece

Last Ride of the Elephant Princess