In honor of the launching of their first short film, we have teamed up with Pirelli Group to celebrate the debut of The Call. We have put together a contest featuring a bevy of prizes that you won't want to miss...


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Grand Prize Winner:

- Pirelli Duffle Bag

- Pirelli Roadside Emergency Kit

- Pirelli Fleece Jacket

- Pirelli Baseball Cap

- Pirelli Electronic Tire Gauge

- Pirelli Compact Travel Radio

1st Prize Winner:

- Pirelli USB Flashdrive

- Pirelli Sling Bag

- Pirelli Coffee Mug

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CLICK HERE to watch this thrilling film!


Pirelli Group makes its film debut with the first Pirellifilm, an innovative communication project that will take place over several years and consists in the production of superb short films to be broadcast over the Internet.

Created for the worldwide promotion of the Pirelli image, which has always been acclaimed for its innovation, quality and brand leadership, this project combines Cinema and the Internet and uses them as a new communication tool that joins the instruments traditionally used by the group.

The first short film, which can be seen at, is The Call starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. The director is Antoine Fuqua, who directed Training Day and King Arthur.

Filmed with a dark, gothic mood in a mysterious, tempting nighttime Rome , The Call is a breath-taking thriller of just 8 minutes and 45 seconds that depicts the eternal battle between Good and Evil.

It took five days to film on various locations - Borgo Santo Spirito, the streets of Rome , and an abandoned warehouse outside of Rome - and 4 months of post production. Nearly 120 persons worked non-stop on the set.