The new Nancy Meyers film It's Complicated will be released in theaters nationwide on December 25 and due to the festive nature of this release, we're in a giving mood ourselves. We have a new contest running and we have a number of prizes to give away. Our grand prize winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card and a tote bag filled with an apron, t-shirt, blanket and the official CD soundtrack, while our first prize winners will receive a tote bag with an apron and a t-shirt. These prize packs will surely go fast, so be sure to enter this big giveaway today.

It's Complicated giveaway

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

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  • $50 Visa Gift Card
  • - It's Complicated Tote Bag with an Apron, t-shirt, blanket and official CD soundtrack

First Prize Winners Receive:

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Jane (Meryl Streep) is the mother of three grown kids, owns a thriving Santa Barbara bakery/restaurant and has-after a decade of divorce-an amicable relationship with her ex-husband, attorney Jake (Alec Baldwin). But when Jane and Jake find themselves out of town for their son's college graduation, things start to get complicated. An innocent meal together turns into the unimaginable-an affair. With Jake remarried to the much younger Agness (Lake Bell), Jane is now, of all things, the other woman.

Caught in the middle of their renewed romance is Adam (Steve Martin), an architect hired to remodel Jane's kitchen. Healing from a divorce of his own, Adam starts to fall for Jane, but soon realizes he's become part of a love triangle.

Should Jane and Jake move on with their lives, or is love truly lovelier the second time around? It's... complicated.