Home Movies: Season Four is out on DVD shelves everywhere right now! To commemorate this fantastic occasion we are giving some lucky people copies of the hilarious Fourth Season!

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Home Movies is a cartoon about children who are more like adults made for adults who like cartoons.

Seasons One, Two and Three have been wildly popular on DVD. Sadly, all good things must come to an end this fourth season of the half-hour cult hit comedy is also its final season. This 3-DVD box set from Shout! Factory contains the last 13 memorable episodes including 'Camp' guest starring They Might Be Giants as crappy music camp counselors, "Honkey Maggo" in which a little lost puppy threatens to rip the friends apart until they realize he sucks, and Brendon Small's visit to the dark side in "Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me."

The only thing wrong with Home Movies: Season Four is that there aren't any more to watch.

Includes bonus music CD w/ 52 tracks...the best songs from all four seasons.

DVD Features:

- 22 Commentaries With Cast, Crew & Special Guests including members of The

Shins, Modest Mouse and the Staff of The Onion

- Episode Animatics

- "The Beginning Of The Genesis Of The Origin Of Home Movies - The Very First Sessions With Loren Bouchard"

- A Home Movies Audio Outtakes Jukebox

Technical Specs:

- No. of Discs: 3

- Audio: Dolby Digital

- Run Time: 383 Minutes