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Anchor Bay Entertainment, an IDT Entertainment Company, presents the terrifying story of a dark legend come to life seeking vengeance on mankind. From acclaimed writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell ("A Team", "Hunter", "Profit", "21 Jump Street") comes... It Waits! Premiering on DVD May 23rd, 2006, consumers won't have to wait any longer to thrill at the extensive bonus features including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of the cast and writers, in addition to a feature-length audio commentary. SRP is $19.98 and pre-book date is April 12.

Written by Cannell, Thomas E. Szollosi ("Mythquest") and Richard Christian Matheson (Masters of Horror) and directed by Steven R. Monroe (House of 9), It Waits focuses on a tale taken from Native American folklore of a lost Human Being whose vicious resentments fueled an anger so fierce that its soul was banished from the world of the living. What happens when this malevolent spirit returns - can anyone stop its relentless and destructive powers?

After her best friend is killed in an auto accident in which she was the driver, Forest Ranger Danielle St. Clair (Cerina Vincent - "CSI", Not Another Teen Movie) moves into a secluded watchtower in the mountains to bury herself in her work, unaware that something else is buried in the forest. A spirit of the underworld - a victim of its own evil bitterness long entombed in a cave. For a chance to escape and exact its bloody revenge, it waits...

And when accidentally released, the peaceful forest becomes a killing ground. Only Danielle and her fiancé Justin (Dominic Zamprogna, "Battlestar Galactica") are left to stand up against this ancient nightmare.

DVD Features:

- Widescreen Presentation (1.77:1), enhanced for 16x9 TVs

- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

- "Blood On The Pines" Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

- Feature-length audio commentary with director Steven R. Monroe and star Cerina Vincent

- Trailers

Technical Specs:

- Widescreen Presentation (1.77:1), enhanced for 16x9 TVs

- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

- Run Time: 88 Minutes

- Rating: Not Rated