Take a seat on the therapist's couch and get cozy with The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Third Season. We are celebrating the release of this hilarious sitcom by giving away copies of the DVD!

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Therapy takes on a whole new meaning when Bob Newhart returns as the hilarious psychologist in Fox Home Entertainment's The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Third Season on April 11. Join Dr. Bob Hartley as he takes on yet another zany roller coaster ride through his quirky Chicago therapist world. With his schoolteacher wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), and witty secretary (Marcia Wallace) by his side, The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Third Season is full of non-stop laughs and a must-own hit this spring.

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One of the greatest television shows of all time, The Bob Newhart Show was part of the CBS highly successful Saturday night lineup which also featured "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Carol Burnett Show" and "All in the Family." The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Third Season features 24 episodes plus audio commentaries, and is priced at $29.98 US/$45.98 Canada.


Bob Newhart is back as successful Chicago psychologist Dr. Robert Hartley in the third season of this hilarious '70s sitcom. As the good doctor continues working with his patients on their issues, he continues to be a "master of denial" concerning his own personal issues at home. But Bob is finally forced to accept the fact that he may have a problem or two when his obsessive-compulsive behavior and inferiority complex cause his self-doubt to soar-and his patient list to shrink. Maybe it's finally time he took his wife's advice and scheduled a psychologist appointment of his own!

DVD Special Features:

- Bonus commentaries on selected episodes.

Technical Specs

- Aspect Ration: 1.33:1 - Full Screen

- English and Spanish language and subtitles

Disc One, Side One

- Big Brother is Watching

- The Battle of the Groups

- The Great Timpau Medical Arts Experiment

- The Separation Story

Disc One, Side Two

- Sorry, Wrong Mother

- The Gray Flannel Shrink

- Dr. Ryan's Express

- Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley

Disc Two, Side One

- Ship of Shrinks

- Life is a Hamburger

- An American Family

- We Love You ... Good Bye

Disc Two, Side Two

- Jerry Robinson Crusoe

- Serve for Daylight

- Home is Where the Hurt Is

- Tobin's Back in Town

Disc Three, Side One

- Think Smartly - Vote Hartley

- The Way We Weren't

- A Pound of Flesh

- My Business is Shrinking

Disc Three, Side Two

- The New Look

- Bob Hits the Ceiling

- Emily Hits the Ceiling

- The Ceiling Hits Bob