On July 17 The Dark Crystal 25th Anniversary Edition soundtrack is being released!. To commemorate this release we are giving away copies of this soundtrack from legendary composer Trevor Jones!

Winners Receive:

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- The Dark Crystal Soundtrack

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ALa-La Land Records presents the release of the original soundtrack to the classic Jim Henson fantasy adventure film The Dark Crystal, commemorating the film's 25th Anniversary. The cult favorite features thrilling, wonderous music from composer Trevor Jones (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Notting Hill).

It's hard to imagine that it's been 25 years since The Dark Crystal was released. In honor of its anniversary, Sony Home Entertainment will be releasing The Dark Crystal 25th Anniversary DVD. The film was the first co-directorial effort of Jim Henson with Frank Oz, who went on to direct The Muppets Take Manhattan, In & Out and Bowfinger. The film featured groundbreaking puppetry from Jim Henson.

Beloved by adults and children alike, The Dark Crystal is a dark children's movie that follows Jen and Kira, two young Gelflings who are the last of their kind, as they try to fulfill the prophecy of the Dark Crystal. Jen's wise master reveals on his deathbed that only a Gelfling will mend the crystal that cracked 1,000 years ago and placed the land under the dark rule of the evil, selfish Skeksis. To break the prophecy, the Skeksis killed all the Gelflings, and only Jen and Kira escaped their wrath. Now Jen and Kira must journey into the heart of the Skeksis castle to reach the crystal and return the land to its former goodness.

Acclaimed composer Trevor Jones (Excalibur, Labyrith, Angel Heart, Cliffhanger) fashions an exquisite, lush orchestral score that brings all the awesome wonder of this classic cinematic event, directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, to life. The soundtrack features a beautiful score that is simply a must-have for all film music and fantasy film fans, and is the perfect compliment to the new 25th Anniversary DVD of the film, which will be in stores nationwide in July 2007.

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