Okay TV fans, this is a contest that has your name on it! MovieWeb realizes the need to preserve and document certain television traditions. What could be a better one to give away DVDs for than Hill Street Blues: Season 1? This amazingly accurate police drama broke new ground with it’s ability to put the reality of police life on the TV screen. Check out what we're giving away:


- The grand prize winner takes home real working cop car siren!

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- Copy of the DVD set


- The Season One DVD Set!

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The police drama that paved the way for a new style of television hits the streets when creator Steven Bochco’s Hill Street Blues: Season 1 debuts on DVD January 31, 2006 from Fox Home Entertainment.

A first of its kind, the ground-breaking predecessor to the modern cop drama depicted police realism by using a documentary-style to chronicle the controlled chaos of a precinct in a crime-infested ghetto. Each episode followed a single day-in-the-life of the cops on the beat, from the morning roll call to the late night recap of the day’s events… revolutionizing the way law enforcement was viewed on television with its fast-paced intensity and gritty realism.

Airing from 1981 until 1987, Hill Street Blues garnered 26 Emmy® Awards, including four for Outstanding Drama, and also won two Golden Globes®. The three-disc set includes all 17 episodes from the first season, as well as selected episode commentaries and a featurette. Hill Street Blues: Season 1 is available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S.


A gritty, realistic view of inner-city cops. Each episode charted ‘a day in the life” on the hill, a crime-infested, racially-torn ghetto, seen from the point of view of many characters, from traffic cops to the captain of the precinct.

DVD Episodes and Special Features:

The Hill Street Blues: Season 1 DVD collection includes all 17 episodes of the first season, as well as select episode commentaries and a 51 minute featurette reuniting the cast and crew. The series is presented in 1:33:1 aspect ratio on three discs with English, Spanish and French mono.

The following episodes and special features are specific to each disc:

Disc 1 – Side A

-“Hill Street Station” Pilot and Promo

-Includes commentary by Steven Bochco, James Sikking and Joe Spano

-“Presidential Fever” and Promo

-“Politics As Usual” and Promo

-“Can World War III Be An Attitude?” and Promo

Disc 1 – Side B

-“Double Jeopardy” and Promo

-“Film At Eleven” and Promo

Disc 2 – Side A

-“Choice Cut” and Promo

-“Up In Arms” and Promo

-“Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind” and Promo

-“Gatorbait” and Promo

Disc 2 – Side B

-”Life, Death, Eternity, Etc.” and Promo

-“I Never Promised You A Rose, Marvin” and Promo

-Includes commentary by Steven Bochco, James Sikking and Joe Spano

Disc 3 – Side A

-“Fecund Rose” and Promo

-“Rites Of Spring (1)” and Promo

-“Rites Of Spring (2)” and Promo

-“Jungle Madness (1)” and Promo

Disc 3 – Side B

-“Jungle Madness (2)” and Promo

-Role Call: A Look Back At “Hill Street Blues”