In honor of the July 11th release of Morgan Spurlock's groundbreaking TV show 30 Days, we are going to celebrate by giving away copies of Season One DVD!

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Originally conceived as a six-part documentary series, 30 Days features a diverse group of participants, each given the opportunity to experience life as a radically different person for one month as they investigate first-hand a world antithetical to their own, comfortable existence. The series explores topical issues, from the struggle of the working poor to the dangers of binge drinking, along with conducting fascinating experiments, such as living without electricity and undergoing an anti-aging regime. What happens on screen is a microcosm for many beliefs that are held and many behaviors that are repeated consistently across the country. A true social experiment, 30 Days is often unpredictable and always eye-opening!

Take a walk in someone else's shoes as Morgan Spurlock, the Academy Award® nominated* writer/director/star of the hit film Super Size Me, presents 30 Days, the intelligent and innovative "social experiment" TV show that places an individual in a different living environment for a month to examine societal differences in America ranging from ethnic to religious to economic. Arriving on DVD July 11th from Fox Home Entertainment, 30 Days: Season One explores some of America's most pressing social issues by following the lives of ordinary people who agree to live well-outside their comfort zones for one life-changing month.

Hailed by critics as "thought-provoking" (Philadelphia Daily News), "moving" (Time) and "equal parts funny and sobering - a million times smarter than most other shows on TV" (TV Guide), the first season of 30 Days includes such episodes as Spurlock and his fiancée trying to make ends meet by working minimum wage jobs, a devout Christian who immerses himself in Islamic culture, a homophobic young man who goes to live and work in San Francisco's largely-gay Castro District and more. Provocative, poignant and riveting, 30 Days will return for a second season on FX premiering July 12.

The 30 Days: Season One DVD includes all six episodes from the first season along with select episode commentaries and ninety minutes of exclusive unaired "diary cam" behind-the-scenes footage on every episode. The two-disc set will be available for the suggested retail price of $26.98 U.S. / $37.98 Canada. Prebook is June 14, 2006.

Disc One Episodes:

- Minimum Wage

- Anti-Aging

- Muslims And America

Disc Two Episodes:

- Straight/Gay

- Off The Grid

- Binge Drinking Mom

DVD Features:

- Diary Cam

- Commentary Tracks

Technical Specs:

- Audio: English, Spanish and French Stereo

- Aspect Ratio: Full Screen (1.33:1)

- Spanish Subtitles

- Run Time:354 minutes

- U.S. Rating: Not Rated

- Closed Captioned: Yes