On January 8 prepare to get scared as Carnal comes to DVD! In honor of this occasion we are giving away copies of it!

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- Carnal DVD

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TMG Flicks embarks on an innovative form of motion picture distribution by releasing award-winning Argentinean filmmaker Fabian Forte's controversial new horror film Carnal (previously known as Mala Carne) as an exclusive internet-only attraction. By doing so, the film will have the widest of all possible releases, utilizing in-home technology to heighten audience awareness of the film before it's eventual release into the DVD market.

The movie will be released in roughly 3-5 minute intervals beginning this January at www.carnalthemovie.com. You can also visit www.tmgflicks.com for more information. Both websites will also include behind-the-scenes featurettes and a "Making Of" podcast.

"Admirably terse Argentine Carnal (Mala Carne) is a horror movie in the matter-of-fact mode of George Romero's classic Martin, treating outrageous incidents with deadpan pragmatism. Harrowing efficiency. Future looks bright for writer-helmer Fabian Forte". Dennis Harvey - Variety

In the 80 minute film, friends Eduardo and Patricio (Federico Bezenzette and Guido Krilovetski) go out for a bite to eat and get more than they bargained for when they are enticed by Marcel and Maria (Alexia Zamparo and Mara Said), a pair of beautiful and mysterious women they encounter on the street. But these women are not what they seem and Eduardo and Patricio soon learn the hard way that when love bites, it can have deadly consequences. Carnal is a nightmare journey into a terrifying and claustrophobic underworld full of unexpected, erotic violence. And one that you will not soon forget.

Director Forte shot the entire movie in six, nine-hour days with handheld cameras, adding intimacy and allowing the audience to feel as if they're inside the film's action. The film was shot mostly in one location, in sequence with minimal technical equipment and edited in camera as each scene was shot. Forte's other work includes five short films, including the award-winning Dossis and Sol De Noche. Carnal is Forte's first feature film.

Carnal has screened and won awards at various film festivals around the world, including Fearless Tales Genre Fest, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre- BARS IV, Argentina, 19th Festival of Mar del Plata, Argentina and IV Internacional Festival Macabro de Cine y Video, Mexico.