July 25th is going to be a great day as Choose Your Own Adventure, Vol. 1: The Abominable Snowman comes to DVD! To celebrate we are giving away some copies to a few lucky people.

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Benjamin, Crista and Marco North go on an adventure to the Himalayas to find their Uncle Rudy who has gone missing in his quest to find a mythical Yeti creature. At every crossroads a decision has to be made. Will they survive avalanches, keep away from evil poachers, and escape hungry tigers? With over 11 possible endings, the story is all up to you.

Let the adventure begin! Based on the popular series of books that has sold more than 250 million copies, Goldhil Entertainment is introducing the first ever animated interactive DVD with Choose Your Own Adventure, Vol. 1: The Abominable Snowman. The first in a series of Choose Your Own Adventure interactive animated DVDs, this innovative format lets kids choose from more than 11 exciting storylines and features the celebrity voices of Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives, TransAmerica), William H. Macy (Fargo, Thank You for Smoking), Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle, Spy Kids) and Lacey Chabert (Party of Five, Mean Girls).

The Abominable Snowman chronicles the adventure of three daring siblings who travel to the Himalayas to find their missing uncle, and along the way encounter natural disasters, dangerous animals and evil inhabitants. The success of their mission is in your hands! The DVD streets July 25th, 2006 and pre-books on July 15 with a MSRP of $19.98.

"Parents love this DVD because it helps teach children the consequences of good decision making, and kids love the DVD because it combines the interactivity of gaming with the entertainment of movies," says Bill Perrault, Senior Vice President Marketing, Goldhil Entertainment. "This innovative product isl really be a lot of fun."

Concurrent with the release on July 25, Choose Your Own Adventure, Vol. 1: The Abominable Snowman will also be featured on over 15 million boxes of Life cereal, with expected impressions approaching 50 million.

"High profile titles like these have a built-in audience that we can really tap into," continues Perrault. "If you take into account the number of impressions and media value of our marketing strategies, we really are approaching campaigns equal to those of some theatrical releases."

Choose Your Own Adventure, Vol. 1: The Abominable Snowman comes out on July 25 through Goldhil Entertainment.

DVD Features:

- "In the Shadows of the Himalayas: How People Live in Nepal" documentary

- Exciting Music Video

- Collectible Travel Journal

Technical Specs:

- Run Time: Approx. 80 minutes

- Rating: NR (All Ages)

- Audio: 5.1 surround sound

- Aspect Ratio: Enhanced widescreen