In celebration of all those who are too old to live at home with their parents (yours truly included!), we are celebrating the June 27th release of Failure to Launch by giving away copies of the DVD!

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A overgrown mama's boy who hasn't found the courage to take flight from the nest gets a little help from the girl of his dreams in the one comedy that proves it's never to late to strike out on your own. Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) may have hit 30, but that doesn't mean that he's ready to give up the many benefits of living at home with mom (Kathy Bates) and dad (Terry Bradshaw).

His desperate parents have had enough, though, and after years of gentle nudging they soon realize that it's going to take a concerted effort to get Tripp out and enjoy their twilight years in peace. Realizing that their only hope for ridding themselves of their reluctant-to-leave offspring rides on the off-chance of his meeting the ideal female companion, mom and dad enlist the help of a beautiful and talented woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) in providing the romantic incentive needed to finally get their son out of the family home.

DVD Features:

- Casting Off: The Making of Failure to Launch

- The Failure to Launch Phenomenon

- Dating in the New Millennium

- Unscripted with Matthew McConaughey and Terry Bradshaw

- The Failure to Launch Contest

- Theatrical Trailer

Technical Specs:

- Languages: English, French

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen

- Rating: PG-13


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