Irwin Allen's sci-fi family, The Robinsons, take flight through space for one last season when Fox Home Entertainment releases the classic sci-fi series "LOST IN SPACE" SEASON THREE - VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION. The volume features two of the show's most popular episodes the "Anti-Matter Man," in which an evil John Robinson exchanges places with his "nice" double and "Visit to a Hostile Planet" where our space faring family actually make the trek back to earth. This cult-classic aired for three seasons (1965-1968) and instantly became a TV phenomenon, watched by millions of loyal fans who followed the Robinson family's wild intergalactic exploits. The four-disc "LOST IN SPACE" SEASON THREE - VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION features the first 15 episodes from the third and final season and includes network bumpers and tags, program interstitials and preview trailers available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./$54.98 Canada.

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"Lost In Space" aired for three seasons September 1965 through March 1968 and established itself as a classic TV cult phenomenon enjoyed by millions of fans. Before "Star Trek," the intrepid space family Robinsons traversed outside the intergalactic lanes in search of Alpha Centauri, the only habitable star system within the reach of man's technology. On October 16, in Fictional 1997, the Robinson Family takes off on the Jupiter 2 spacecraft for a journey to the planet Alpha Centauri.

Before liftoff, Zachary Smith, an enemy government spy and intergalactic doctor, plans to destroy the spacecraft. But his plan backfires, and he becomes trapped on board. Smith accidentally destroys the Jupiter 2's guidance system and it becomes lost in space. Space Family Robinsons adventures begin, encountering galactic penal colonies, chasing Space Vikings, being trapped by fanatical toy makers, and even more sinister, being turned into giant vegetables!

Special Features:

The DVD set includes network bumpers and tags, program interstitials and preview trailers for each episode. The episodes are compiled in four discs (dual-layered discs, full frame, aspect ratio 1.33:1). Episodes are presented in color with English mono, Spanish mono and French mono* (selected titles). The following episodes are featured on each disc:

*Disc 1

- The Condemned of Space (9/6/1967)*

- Visit to a Hostile Planet (9/13/1967)*

- Kidnapped in Space (9/20/1967)*

- Hunter's Moon (9/27/1967)

*Disc 2

- The Space Primevals (10/4/1967)*

- The Space Destructor's (10/11/1967)*

- The Haunted Lighthouse (10/18/1967)*

- Flight into the Future (10/25/1967)

*Disc 3

- Collision of the Planets (11/8/1967)*

- The Space Creature (11/15//1967)*

- The Deadliest of the Species (11/22/2967)

- A Day at the Zoo (11/29/1967)

*Disc 4

- Two Weeks in Space (12/13/1967)

- Castles in Space (12/20/1967)

- Anti-Matter Man 12/27/1967)

*Features French mono

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