On September 5 return to the island on your terms as Lost: The Complete Second Season - The Extended Experience washes up on DVD! To celebrate this fantastic event we are giving away copies of this 7 disc set.

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Created by successful television producer J.J. Abrams (FELICITY, ALIAS), Lost became one of the most popular and critically acclaimed programs of the 2004-2005 season. Utilizing a ripe premise and well-drawn and acted characters, LOST attracted a huge following and was proclaimed the saving grace of a television year otherwise marred by derivative reality programming. The story concerns the survivors of a terrible plane crash, who find themselves stranded on a tropical island with seemingly little chance of a rescue. Medical doctor Jack takes a position of leadership, helping to rally the survivors and prepare them for a period of difficulty as they learn how to survive on the island.

But everything is not as it seems: the island offers potential danger in the form of a large, mysterious creature, and evidence is found that the plane crash may not have been an accident. As they struggle to survive, each of the characters forms alliances and makes enemies while dealing with the unresolved issues of the lives they've left behind. Lost distills the difficulties of society down to their essence, exploring these problems with compelling characters and with a setting that's equal parts paradise and mystery. This release contains every episode from the show's second season, one which avoided the sophomore slump by solving old mysteries, unlocking new ones, developing unexpected frictions and bonds between characters, and heightening the drama overall.

Lost: The Complete Second Season - The Extended Experience becomes available on DVD September 5 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Deleted Scenes:

- Lost Flashbacks - secrets revealed in all-new, never-before-seen flashbacks

- The Official Lost Connections - shocking character connections are uncovered in this exclusive immersive experience

- Secrets From the Hatch - go inside to discover "The Swan"

- Mysteries, Theories and Conspiracies - the Virgin Mary statues, Alvar Hanso and snow globes - the truth revealed

- Lost On Location - an all-access pass to the set

- Fire + Water - an episode from concept to completion

- Deleted scenes, bloopers and more

Technical Specs:

- Anamorphic Widescreen - 1.78

- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround - English / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo - English

- No. of Discs: 7

- Run Time: 1056 Minutes