October 3 sees the release of the one best action movies of the 1980s, the Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition! To celebrate this release we are giving away some copies of it, brah!

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"Ultra-stylized, testosterone-charged action, death-defying stunts, wall-to-wall rock music and ear-shattering sound," (Village View) are just the backdrop for this super-intense, high-octane thriller about a Special Agent named Johnny Utah (Reeves), the 'no fear' leader (Swayze) of a gang of bank-robbing surfers that Utah's trying to cuff, and the thrill-seeking exploits that neither of them can resist!

They'll do anything for the endless summer, the perfect wave and the ultimate rush, even if it means breaking the law; they're the Dead Presidents, and FBI Agent Johnny Utah is the one man who can stop them. Fox Home Entertainment goes back to the beach with the ultimate thrill ride, Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition, hitting the curl on DVD October 3. One of the touchstone action films of the early '90s, Point Break helped to usher in the age of extreme sports with its hard-edged depiction of surfing and skydiving, celebrating the adrenaline-junkie culture in an intense, gritty and quintessentially quotable crime drama.

With outstanding direction by Kathryn Bigelow (Near Dark, Blue Steel), the film features an all-star cast that includes Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly), Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing, Road House), Oscar®-nominee Gary Busey (Best Actor, The Buddy Holly Story, 1979) and Lori Petty (Tank Girl, In The Army Now), as well as a special cameo appearance by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition celebrates the action classic with never-before-seen deleted scenes and loads of featurettes documenting making of one of cinema's most intense thrill rides. Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition is available for the suggested retail price of $19.98 U.S./$25.98 Canada.

DVD Features

- Deleted scenes

- Holistic fitness with Agent Pappas

- Agent Johnny Utah thinks he can surf

- Tyler saves Johnny Utah from the waves

- Penetration of the social infrastructure

- Tyler and Johnny spend time alone in the water

- A basic hit & run

- Tyler accuses Johnny of using her

- Johnny and Bohdi talk about robbing banks

- It's Make Or Break featurette

- Ride The Wave featurette

- Adrenaline Junkies featurette

- On Location: Malibu featurette

- Still Gallery

- Three theatrical trailers

Technical Specs

- Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Surround 4.0, as well as Spanish Mono and French Dolby Surround

- Subtitles: French and Spanish

- Run Time: 120 minutes

- U.S. Rating: R

- CC: Yes

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