On October 17, things will get a bit crazy as road trip gone wrong Rest Stop comes to DVD! To celebrate we are giving away some copies to a few lucky people!

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Nicole (Jaimie Alexander) and Jess (Joey Mendicino) begin a cross-country road trip together from Texas to Hollywood. Their careless, open road adventure comes to a screeching halt as the journey takes a deadly turn at an out-of-the way rest stop. What follows is a dangerous, psychological, cat-and-mouse game where Nicole must fight for survival against a seemingly inhuman stalker.  It's a game to the death, and only one will survive. 

Driving cross-country will never be the same when the chilling first film in the "Raw Feed" branded series from Warner Home Video (WHV), Rest Stop, explodes onto DVD October 17. Written and directed by John Shiban, executive producer and writer of "Supernatural" and The X-Files, Rest Stop follows a young couple terrorized by a psychotic killer on a cross-country road trip. Starring one of Penthouse Magazine's "20-Most Beautiful Actresses," Jaimie Alexander and heartthrob Joey Mendicino (MTV's "That 70's House"), Rest Stop will be released for the Halloween season in rated and unrated versions. The title will feature a musical score written by Bear McCreary (composer of the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica) as well as two original songs from "The Black Keys," who were recently on tour with Radiohead. The pre-order date for Rest Stop is September 12 with an SRP of $24.98.

The "Raw Feed" series marks WHV's initial venture into the burgeoning live-action, made-for-DVD market. The edgy and unique franchise, produced by Shiban, Tony Krantz (executive producer of "24") and Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) combines three distinct genres, sci-fi, horror and thriller. Each direct-to-DVD film in the series will boast extensive and innovative extra features and will debut cutting-edge music and talent. Initially two additional films will be released in the "Raw Feed" series, with SUBLIME (working title) directed by Krantz expected to release in early 2007, and THE BELIEVERS (working title) beginning production in this summer.

"Rest Stop is a simple story that takes something commonplace - albeit at times a little creepy - and makes it a truly terrifying and realistic experience...really letting the audience feel the fear," said Shiban, writer, director and producer of Rest Stop.

DVD Features:

- The Rest Stop "R" rated DVD special features include two alternate endings and the Rest Stop Trailer

- The Rest Stop "Unrated" DVD also includes the following in addition to those found on the rated version:

- Scotty's Home Movies - a unique family album from one of the oddest characters in Rest Stop

- On The Bus - a view of the murderous and tortuous activities that happen on the old yellow bus

Technical Specs:

Rating: R