To celebrate the July 25th DVD release of Scorpius Gigantus we are giving away copies of the DVD! If that isn't enough to whet your cinematic whistle, we are also throwing in a copy of Asphalt Wars!

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Scorpius Gigantus:

For the first time on DVD comes Scorpius Gigantus, a fantastic thriller in the tradition of Starship Troopers, from the producer of Piranha and "Dinocroc." In a top-secret high-tech laboratory, scientists work to create super vaccines based on the genetics of scorpions, those notoriously resilient creatures that have been on earth for far longer than man.

When the project is usurped by the military in order to create advanced bio-weaponry, something goes horribly wrong. Now the mutated, indestructible insects are on the loose, a threat to man's very position at the top of the food chain. The only thing in their way - a military Delta Force team, determined to stop the creatures before evolution takes a nasty turn for the worse. The spirited cast of Scorpius Gigantus features Jeff Fahey ("Psycho 3," "The Lawnmower Man") and Jo Bourne-Taylor (TV's "Mile High"). Screenplay by Raly Radouloff, Terence H. Winkless. Directed by Tommy Withrow.

Asphalt Wars:

Available to own on DVD for the first time! In the tradition of "The Fast and the Furious" and "Blood In, Blood Out" comes Asphalt Wars. Reno, a young mechanic, dreams of joining the professional racing circuit. He spends his days at this uncle's garage and his nights conquering the world of illegal street racing. When he is given the chance to be the getaway driver in a lucrative but dangerous gang heist, he accepts and expects to earn the money he needs to make his dreams come true.

But when Reno enters the dark world of the gang, he finds that the choice that he expects to bring him success only brings violence and trouble. This high-octane thriller stars Calvi Pabon (TV's "Port Charles") and Mario Alvarado. Written and directed by Henry Crum.

Scorpius Gigantus and Asphalt Wars come to DVD July 25 from Walt Disney Video.