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Come be immortalized with the intriguing saga of Duncan MacLeod through the HIGHLANDER®: THE SERIES – SEASON FIVE DVD collection from Anchor Bay Entertainment and Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp.  Once again captivating fans with the breathtaking adventures of the Immortals, the release will feature all 18 sensational SEASON FIVE episodes from the legendary action/fantasy TV series starring Adrian Paul, presented in state-of-the-art digitally re-mastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.   Available August 10 in a remarkable nine-disc collector’s DVD set priced to own at $89.98 SRP, HIGHLANDER®: THE SERIES – SEASON FIVE features over 11 hours of extras including two original featurettes – “The Romances of Duncan McLeod” and “Duels” -- as well as hours of newly crafted bonus materials including recently discovered deleted scenes, revealing and surprising season-specific interviews with cast and crew, blooper reel and much more!

A must-have addition to every fan’s collection, HIGHLANDER®: THE SERIES – SEASON FIVE is highlighted by Adrian Paul’s directorial efforts on the series’ 100th episode “Revelation 6:8”, which was watched and celebrated by millions of viewers.  Recognized around the world as the most powerful HIGHLANDER season ever, SEASON FIVE shocked the HIGHLANDER universe with episodes that can only be called immortal classics.

The HIGHLANDER®: THE SERIES – SEASON FIVE DVD release is highlighted by the following action-packed bonus materials:

-- Vast library of never-before-seen footage including deleted and alternate scenes, as well as recently discovered footage

-- Interviews with the Actors, Producers, Editors, Writers, Set and Costume Designers including:  Jim Byrnes, Anthony Delongis, Elizabeth Gracen, Gillian Horvath, Stan Kirsch, Richard Martin, F. Braun McAsh, Bill Panzer, Adrian Paul, Rex Reglan, James Thorpe, David Tynan, Peter Wingfield and many more

-- Audio commentaries from Jim Byrnes, Anthony Delongis, Peter Ellis, Gillian Horvath, Stan Kirsch, Don Paonessa and Adrian Paul

-- Watcher Chronicles – Discover the lives of the Immortals and those they encountered as recorded by The Watchers

-- Photo Gallery

-- Blooper Reel

-- Original Featurette – “Duels”

-- Original Featurette – “The Romance of Duncan MacLeod”

-- Original production designs

CD-ROM features including:

-- All 18 shooting scripts

-- Actor, Director and Writer biographies

-- Series trivia, Fight scripts, Production notes and Shooting schedules

HIGHLANDER®: THE SERIES – SEASON FIVE on DVD will be supported by an ongoing media and promotional campaign including a multi-million dollar television campaign, print advertising campaign, extensive on-line and “viral” marketing campaign, consumer episode “sampler” DVD promotions at major event venues targeting grassroots visibility, and the very exciting “Team Highlander” promotions based on Davis-Panzer’s major televised Grand-Am Rolex Series motorsports sponsorship program with guest appearances by star Adrian Paul at key racing events this summer.

Based on the popular HIGHLANDER film series starring Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert, HIGHLANDER the television series follows the amazing journeys of the Immortal Duncan MacLeod played by Adrian Paul. The six seasons of the TV show follow the action of the Immortal’s age-old struggle for dominion – Good vs. Evil. Through it all the mystery of the HIGHLANDER unfolds and deepens as his incredible story leaps time and emotions to bring us further into the tortured world of the Immortals.

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