The Man of Steel comes to DVD again on June 20 in Superman: The Animated Series, Vol. 3. To celebrate this release we are giving away copies to a few lucky mortals!

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Alien warships instantly appear and attack Metropolis. Superman flies into action to save his beloved city, but his powers are not enough. This enemy is greater than any other Superman will ever know: the malicious Darkseid, a vicious dictator intent on controlling the universe and the one villain Superman is willing to kill ...or die trying.

Darkseid vows to Superman, "If you will not be my knight, then you will be my pawn." No idle threat, he manipulates the Man of Steel to take over Earth in a plot that ultimately changes Superman's life forever! With this 2-disc, 18-episode collection, experience the colossal showdown of two titans from the very first punch!

Following the lead of the retooled Batman cartoons, the legendary Man of Steel gets his own modernized update in Superman: The Animated Series. Operating under the auspices of his meek, bespectacled alter ego, Clark Kent, Superman continues to champion truth and justice while battling criminal entities in the bustling city of Metropolis.

Airing from 1996 to 2000, this animated series is acclaimed for remaining true to the original Superman comic books while introducing new and exciting storylines and characters. In season three of the series, Superman battles the fire-controlling Volcana, the Bizarro Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk, the robot Metallo, the evil computer Brainiac, and other super-villains. Superman even travels to Gotham City and dresses up as Batman for a while because the caped crusader has gone missing.

Superman: The Animated Series, Vol. 3 comes to DVD June 20.

DVD Features:

- Audio Commentaries on select episodes with the creators and the directors.

- Easter Eggs: A never seen before deleted scene with introduction by Bruce Timm.

- Superman: Behind The Cape -- David Kaufman, voice of Jimmy Olsen, takes you journey on how a show comes together.

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

- No. of Discs: 2

- Rating: Not Rated