From the brilliant mind of Chris Carter, creator of "The X Files" and "Harsh Realm", comes the original series, "THE LONE GUNMEN" THE COMPLETE SERIES. This 3-disc set is on DVD today from Fox Home Entertainment, promises to lead you on the comedic and suspenseful adventures of The Lone Gunmen.

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Avidly followed by fans of "The X Files", this trio of computer-hacking conspiracy geeks first appeared in numerous episodes of "The X Files" before they were spun into their own show that aired on Fox in 2001. Starring Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund, "THE LONE GUNMEN" follows three truth-seeking geeks as they try to uncover secret corporate and government plots while simultaneously highlighting their genius and ineptitude. "THE LONE GUNMEN" THE COMPLETE SERIES three-disc set includes all 13 original episodes along with commentaries, "Making Of" documentary and original TV spots. "THE LONE GUNMEN" THE COMPLETE SERIES set will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./ $54.98 Canada. Prebook is March 2, 2005.


"The Lone Gunman" is the spin-off of the immensely popular series "The X-Files" featuring the trio of computer hacking, conspiracy geeks popularly known as The Lone Gunmen. Never ones to stray far from the center of corporate and government intrigue, the threesome of John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike, and Richard Ringo Langly embark on a series of adventures that simultaneously highlight their genius and ineptitude. While they investigate the most shadowy of conspiracies, their social skills remain stagnant, which only makes their lives more difficult when they learn their chief competitor in the "information business" is the brilliant and beautiful Yves Adele Harlow. Perpetually short of funds to publish The Lone Gunmen newspaper, Byers, Frohike and Langly begrudgingly take on Jimmy Bond as an unlikely benefactor who bankrolls their missions and joins them in their investigations to uncover the truth.

DVD Special Features:

"THE LONE GUNMEN" THE COMPLETE SERIES DVD set offers an action-packed front-row seat into the series with captivating behind-the-scenes extras including episode commentaries, a "Making Of" retrospective and original TV spots. The DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen and English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround. The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One, Side One


- Pilot

- Bond, Jimmy Bond

- Eine Kleine Frohike

Disc One, Side Two


- Like Water For Octane

- Three Men and a Smoking Diaper

Special Features:

- Episode Commentary

Disc Two, Side One


- Madam, I'm Adam

- Planet of the Frohikes

- Maximum Byers

Disc Two, Side Two


- Diagnosis Jimmy

- Tango De Los Pistoleros

Special Features:

- Episode Commentary

Disc Three, Side One


- The Lying Game

- All About Yves

Disc Three, Side Two


- The Cap'n Toby Show

Special Features:

- Episode Commentary

- The X-Files: Jump The Shark with episode commentary

- Making Of/Retrospective

- TV Spots: Pilot, Bond, Jimmy Bond, Eine Kleine Frohike, Like Water For Octane, Three Men and a Smoking Diaper, Madam, I'm Adam, Planet of the Frohikes, Maximum Byers, Diagnosis: Jimmy, Tango De Los Pistoleros, The Lying Game, All About Eve, The Cap'n Toby Show