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The The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection continues with Volume 9, hitting DVD May 16th. How can something so awful be so much fun? That's a riddle solved once again by the men, women, and robots of The Mystery Science Theater 3000, which turns affectionate mockery into an art form in this new collection of deliriously funny episodes from the beloved TV series.

Joel, Mike, Tom Servo, Crow, and the usual gang of misfits take us on another memorable ride through four films that only the films' mothers could love. Fasten your seatbelts. The Satellite of Love is back in action at warped speed.

This beautiful 4-disc set includes 4, never-before-on-DVD, original TV series films and brand-new introductions from the stars of the original movies. Each film, a journey within itself, combines to equal over 375 minutes of mysterious fun.


WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET - The search for a crashed spaceship leads a rescue party through a time/space doorway to a dangerous, tropical planet.

WILD REBELS - A former stock-car racer goes undercover to bust a motorcycle gang terrorizing South Florida.

THE SINISTER URGE - Ed Wood Jr.'s classic tale of the smut trade in 1960s Hollywood.

THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES - A young man is hypnotized by an evil fortune-teller and turned into a zombie killer. Naturally, it's a musical.

DVD Features

- New introductions from stars of the original movies.

Technical Specs

- Run Time: 375 minutes