Get ready to walk on air on October 3 because that's the day The Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series makes it's way to DVD! To celebrate this release are giving away some copies to a few lucky people!

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On October 3, Anchor Bay Entertainment flies high with a super cool collectible TV series box set, The Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series.  The show that flew onto ABC TV in the '80s is still a favorite among fantasy fans of all ages, and this limited numbered package is sure to be scooped up and gone forever. The deluxe collector's set contains 13 discs (containing all 43 episodes), and includes in the sharp deluxe tin: full-size cape, instruction manual (with working lights), and a retro iron-on transfer. Also, 200 randomly distributed sets will have a personally autographed photo from star William Katt - a truly super surprise!

The Greatest American Hero presented the most unlikely man to ever be called Hero in Ralph Hanley (William Katt), who equipped only with a nifty red flying suit and a quirky instruction book, found he was suddenly flying off to fight crime wherever he crashed into it. But our hero, with help from a weird FBI agent (Robert Culp) and a loving friend (Connie Selleca), seemed to come out on top every time.

Because of its cheeky colorful style the series remains an important piece of pop culture with collectors and cultists, who will no doubt clamor for this fun and unique limited box set.

The Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series comes to DVD on October 3 from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.

DVD Features:

- Collectible cape

- Battery-powered reproduction of the show's infamous guide book

- Collectible decal

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: Full Screen

- No. of Discs: 13

- Run Time: 2122 minutes