Highlander 5: The Source is coming to DVD on February 26, and we want to celebrate Duncan MacLeod's return! We're giving away copies of this brand new DVD to our readers. Click below to enter this giveaway and secure a copy for yourself!

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- Highlander 5: The Source DVD

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On the twentieth anniversary of the cult sci-fi hit Highlander, the legend is reborn in a new trilogy that follows Immortal Highlander Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) on his journey to discover the origin of the first Immortal and unlock the secret source of eternal life. As the world crumbles to chaos and the city falls down all around him, MacLeod's memories drift back to the time he spent with his one true love. Later, when MacLeod comes into contact with a close-knit band of Immortals that include the mysterious Methos and mortal Watcher Joe Dawson, the group sets out on a mission to uncover the secret that has eluded his people for centuries.

Special Features

- "Highlander: The Process" - a mega-length behind the scenes documentary

- Storyboard to scene comparisons

- Highlander: The Source photo gallery

- Tribute to Bill Panzer, creator and producer of the Highlander series

- Highlander video game sneak peak