On March 6 The Loop: Season 1 comes to DVD! To celebrate we are giving away some copies to a few very lucky readers!

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- The Loop: Season 1 DVD

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Meet twenty-something Sam Sullivan, the youngest executive at a major airline, and the first among his friends to land a real job. Half slacker, half suit, Sam precariously straddles both worlds as his desire to climb the corporate ladder is matched only by his desire-and ability-to party hardy with his wild and crazy roommates. There's Sully, Sam's hedonistic older brother who refuses to grow up, Piper, Sam's college buddy whom he secretly has a crush on, and Lizzy, the ditzy bartender who keeps the party rolling!

As we reach our early 20's and face the daunting challenges of real life, there are those who choose to embark on a career path and those who'd rather goof off with friends...and then, there's someone who is crazy enough to set out and do both! Set in Chicago, The Loop is the hilarious new sitcom about the wild workplace adventures of Sam Sullivan, the youngest executive at the corporate headquarters of a major airline, and the first of his friends to get a real job. Struggling to maintain his sanity between his serious work life which features a lunatic boss and a co-worker that brings sexual harassment to a whole new level, plus the non- stop social demands of his three roommates including his slacker brother, his hard-drinking college buddy and the (secret) girl of his dreams, his life makes for a truly a wild sitcom. Funny, fresh and wildly irreverent, The Loop will have you flying high on laughs!

Debuting earlier this year as a midseason comedy on FOX starring Bret Harrison (Grounded for Life), Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie), Mimi Rogers (Lost in Space) and Philip Baker Hall (In Good Company, Bruce Almighty), The Loop: Season 1 Season One DVD will be available on March 6th, timed to release just before the new season debuts again this Spring. Featuring the first seven original episodes of the series, The Loop: Season 1 DVD will be available to own for the suggested retail price of $19.98 U.S. / $25.98 Canada.

Episode Synopses:

Pilot - The love-struck Sam plans a birthday party that Piper will never forget, whether her boyfriend is able to attend or not...hopefully not!

Jack Air - Lizzy's sexy pal Jenna convinces Sam to join her in a promotional tequila- drinking challenge...not the best idea for someone who has to work in the morning.

Tiger Express - Sam bumps into an old flame and hopes that a dinner date to Hong Kong will automatically qualify him for "third date status," with all of its implied benefits.

Trouble In The Saddle - A zip-line mishap and ensuing groin injury nearly prevent Sam from sealing a business deal at Russ's horse ranch.

Year Of The Dog - Sully's dog-sitting business puts Sam in the doghouse when a hungry hound swallows Sam's flash drive.

Bear Drop Soup - Sam's new promotion angers his co-workers, while Piper's new

Anatomy tutor puts her in a hairy predicament.

Rusty Trombone - Sam's plan nearly backfires when he sneaks out of work to meet Piper at a Dandy Warhols concert.

Technical Specs:

- Rating: NR

- Run Time: 192 minutes

- CC: Yes