In celebration of the recent theatrical release of The Matador, starring Pierce Brosnan, we're giving away copies of the soundtrack featuring a score by Rolfe Kent and songs by The Jam, The Cramps, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Tom Jones and Daniel Indart.

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The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films presents The Matador, which Joe Leydon of Variety calls "A quirky yet commercial commingling of black comedy, seriocomic psychodrama, heart-tugging sudser and buddy-movie farce," and Peter Travers of Rolling Stone says "Just sit back and enjoy the fun"! The film has earned star Pierce Brosnan a Golden Globe® nomination for his performance as Julian Noble, a hitman who loses his nerve. Superb Records will release The Matador - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on January 10, 2006.

In writer/director Richard Shepard's dark comedy The Matador, Julian Noble (Pierce Brosnan) is a hitman who's very good at what he does, but is losing his taste for the business. Danny (Greg Kinnear) is a salesman whose marriage and finances are in trouble. One night, at the hotel bar, these two men meet. Before long, they find themselves having an extremely unique Mexico City experience, one that will change them both forever. Julian the hit man, Danny the ordinary American businessman find that while they have nothing in common, they both need each other in ways they never knew they would.

The Matador Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released by Superb Records on January 10. The Original Soundtrack contains numerous songs featured in the film, including tracks performed by The Jam, The Cramps, Tom Jones, Asia, and the appropriately titled "El Matador" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Three cuts written by Daniel Indart and three score cues by Rolfe Kent (The Wedding Crashers, Sideways) are also on the CD.

The film's writer/director Richard Shepard says: "I'm damn proud of this record. Each song works perfectly in capturing the energy, emotion and comedy of The Matador", in the liner notes which he penned.

For example, the upbeat "A Town Called Malice" by The Jam is the perfect backdrop for the opening of the film which might otherwise appear too dark. "Garbageman" by The Cramps perfectly underscores a scene where Pierce Brosnan's character walks through a hotel lobby in his underwear and cowboy boots. As described by Shepard, "Goddam if it wasn't perfect. Forever immortalizing Pierce's funniest moment in the movie. You ain't no punk, you punk."

Also featured on the soundtrack are three cuts penned by Daniel Indart, "Bahia Blanca", performed by Ramon Stagnaro, "No Te Rajes", performed by Mariachi "La Estrella", and "A Mi Guitarra", which Indart performs. Indart owns and manages six companies including Latin Music Specialists, where he recruits and develops songwriters, vocalists, and musicians and features a catalog of music from all Latin genres, including Salsa, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue, and Mariachi

The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films present The Matador, starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, and Hope Davis will be in theaters in select markets on January 6, going wider on January 13, and nationwide on January 20. The Matador-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be in stores on January 10, 2006.