Just when you thought you couldn't see any more of them, Brad and Angelina arrive June 6th in a special Mr. and Mrs. Smith Unrated DVD! To celebrate this release we are giving away copies of this movie!

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After five (or six) years of vanilla-wedded bliss, ordinary suburbanites John and Jane Smith (Pitt and Jolie) are stuck in a rut the size of the Grand Canyon until the truth comes out! Unbeknownst to each other, they are both coolly lethal, highly paid assassins working for rival organizations.

And when they discover they're each other's next target, their secret lives collide in a spicy, explosive mix of wicked comedy, pent-up passion, nonstop action and high-tech weaponry that gives an all-new meaning to "Till death do us part!"

DVD Features:

Disc 1:

- Unrated Widescreen Feature

- Feature-Length Commentary By The Director

Disc 2:

- Deleted Scenes Including An Alternate Ending

- Doug's Film School Sequence Breakdowns With The Director, Including Animatics, Storyboards and A Major Action Sequence Not Included In The Film

- Confidential Files Featuring Secret Footage

- Behind The Scenes Documentary

- Shooting School Combat Training Featurette

- Photo Gallery And More!

Technical Specs

Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 112 minutes

Audio: English - DTS & Dolby Surround 5.1 / Spanish & French - Dolby Surround

Language: Dubbed - English, Spanish, & French / Subtitled - English & Spanish

CC: Yes


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