The new book Seagalology: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal will be released on May 23, and we want to celebrate this brand new volume of movie literature. We're giving away copies of this intruiging book to our readers. You know these books will go fast, so enter this contest today.

Winners Receive:

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- Seagalolgy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal book

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Vern, the self-styled 'outlaw film critic', is known to millions for his hilarious reviews on the Ain't It Cool News website, and is described by Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro as "equal parts Hell's Angels and Pauline Kael... a national treasure!"

Now, finally, Vern is ready to unleash his magnum opus: an in-depth study of the world's only aikido instructor turned movie star/director/writer/blues guitarist/energy drink inventor - the ass-kicking auteur Steven Seagal. From "Above the Law" to his Mountain Dew commercials, his entire career is covered in Vern's inimitable style.

As Vern himself puts it, Seagalogy is "a book that will shake the very foundations of film criticism, break their wrists and then throw them through a window."