Orphanage is scaring its way up to DVD on April 22, and we want to celebrate this new horror disc's release. What better way to celebrate than to give the DVD away to our readers. That's right, we're doing a contest where you can sign up to win this disc. Click below to enter this giveaway.

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- Orphanage DVD

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A woman discovers dark secrets hidden within her cherished childhood home in the supernatural drama Orphanage, the feature film debut of acclaimed young Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. A superbly atmospheric and emotionally powerful tale of love, loss and guilt, The Orphanage is the first film ever to be presented by Academy Award&#174-nominated filmmaker Guillermo delToro, who also produced. Bayona and the gifted first-time screenwriter Sergio S&#225nchez deliver an elegant, shivery ghost story in the tradition of such classics as The Innocents, The Haunting and The Others as they explore the shadowy places where human longing meets the unknown and unknowable. Anchoring the film is the fearless performance by its star, award-winning Spanish actress Bel&#233n Rueda (The Sea Inside), portraying a mother desperate to rescue her family from the nightmare into which she has unwittingly led them. Orphanage is a film about the fragility of life, the agony of loss and the depth of a mother's love.

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