The mysterious story of a boy genius searching for his past and the family he lost continues when The Pretender: Season Two re-surfaces on a four-disc DVD set September 20, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment. Starring Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker ("Less Than Perfect"), and introducing Mr. Lyle (James Denton, "Desperate Housewives") in the second season, "The Pretender" is the story of Jarod, a boy who was abducted by a nefarious organization known only as The Centre because of his ability to quickly learn to impersonate any occupation. After years of being used for questionable purposes, the adult Jarod escapes to search for the family he was taken from and uses his gift to help those he encounters along the way. "The Pretender" generated a tremendously loyal fan base during its run on NBC from 1996 to 2000, attracting nine million weekly viewers and becoming the top-rated Saturday night drama among males 18-34.

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The Pretender: Season Two four-disc DVD set features all 22 episodes, cast commentary by Michael T. Weiss and Andrea Parker for the first time ever, commentary by writers Craig W. Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell, and a three-part "Making Of" featurette. The set will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./ $54.98 Canada.


Jarod is a Pretender—a genius whose exceptionally high I.Q. allows him to master virtually any profession. Since escaping from the Centre, the secret research facility where he was brought up after being taken from his parents, Jarod has managed to stay one step ahead of his ex-captors, Miss Parker and Sydney. Although still reeling from the death of his brother, Jarod also continues to make sure that justice is done by helping innocent victims wronged by society. But the search to bring Jarod back to the Centre is suddenly stepped up with the hiring of Brigitte and the mysterious Mr. Lyle. And it's soon clear that the two new Centre operatives are just as determined to bring about the downfall of Miss Parker and Sydney as they are to find the Centre's most prized specimen.

DVD Special Features:

The Pretender: Season Two unravels the mystery of the series with captivating behind-the-scenes extras including episode commentaries from actors Michael T. Weiss, James Denton and Andrea Parker and also includes a special three-part "Making Of" featurette. The DVD is presented in 1.33:1 aspect ratio in full screen and English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround. The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One, Side One


- Back from the Dead Again

- Scott Free

- Over the Edge

- Exposed

Disc One, Side Two


- Nip and Tuck

- Past Sim

Special Features:

- Making of Featurette Part One

Disc Two, Side One


- Collateral Damage

- Hazards

- FX

- Indy Show

Disc Two, Side Two


- Gigolo Jarod

- Toy Surprise

Special Features:

- Making of Featurette Part Two

Disc Three, Side One


- A Stand Up Guy

- Unforgotten

- Bulletproof

- Silence

Disc Three, Side Two


- Crash

- Stolen

Special Features:

- Making of Featurette Part Three

Disc Four, Side One


- Red Rock Jarod

Commentary by: Craig W. Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell and Fred K. Keller

- Bank

Disc Four, Side Two


- Bloodlines 1 & 2

Commentary by: Craig W. Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell, Fred K. Keller, Andrea Parker and Michael Weiss.