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Featuring an all-star cast including Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bruce Davison and Sam Neill, The Triangle offers a look into the dangerous truths behind one of the greatest legends of our time. Billionaire Eric Benirall (Sam Neill) is losing his cargo ships and their crews at a frightening pace - and he wants answers. His handpicked team of subject-specific experts includes skeptical tabloid journalist Howard Thomas, ocean resource engineer Emily Patterson, scientist/adventurer Bruce Geller and psychic Stan Lathem. Recruited with the promise of unlimited funding for their research and the chance for once-in-a-lifetime riches, the team sets out to solve this most daunting of puzzles. Deepening the mystery are circumstances surrounding Meeno Paloma, a boat pilot who experienced The Triangle's deadly forces on a Greenpeace expedition - and whose life has never been the same since. After a jetliner disappears over The Triangle, bizarre, unexplainable occurrences begin to affect each member of Benirall's team. When the government takes an alarming interest in their work, the four unlikely friends are drawn into something far more dangerous.

The Triangle originally aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in December 2005 and was the network's biggest event of the year.

Year of Production: 2005

Title Copyright: © 2005 Electric Holdings (Triangle), Inc.

Rights: Home Video

Territory: U.S. and Canada

Type: TV on DVD

Holdbacks: N/A

Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Closed Captioned: English Closed Captioning

Spanish Availability: Yes

Format: Widescreen

DVD Running Time: 270 minutes

DVD Audio Status: 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital

DVD Special Features: Sci-Fi Inside: The Triangle