The greatest movie soldier of all time is getting the ultimate treatment! For the first time in an ultimate edition collector's you can get ALL of the Rambo films on DVD in one nice concise package!

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Amazing Special Features Include Alternate Suicide Ending For First Blood, Commentary From Sylvester Stallone & Meta Technology!

It doesn’t get more ultimate than this! This incredible collection features ultimate editions of First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III, that are jam-packed with groundbreaking interactive extra features including an alternate suicide ending for First Blood! A must-own for any action-movie fan, the three-disc Rambo Ultimate Edition set is available in special collectible eye-catching foil packaging for the suggested retail price of $44.98. Additionally, the First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III Ultimate Edition DVDs will also be available individually for only $19.98 each.

All three discs feature Widescreen versions, 2.35:1 aspect ratio and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround. The DVD set also features Survival Mode - a suite of enhanced viewing capabilities. Survival Mode marks the debut of MetaVision, a breakthrough in video-based storytelling that enhances the DVD experience in the movie itself, making a deeper connection to the story than traditional bonus content. Alternate playback pathways give the user control over how the bonus content unfolds during the films. The industry-first MetaVision features include:

- MetaVision: Survival Mode - Military equipment modernization accessed while viewing the movie. Users will activate Survival Mode (a set of MetaMenus) to access a set of tools to enhance their viewing capabilities.

- MetaPlot: Military Training Featurettes - Viewers will use MetaMenus to activate military training featurettes consisting of manuals, diagrams and video demonstrations of actual special operations techniques and tactics.

- MetaVision Equipment Upgrades:

- Early Warning System (EWS) - Users will be notified of upcoming events and availability of core-to story content via MetaMenu countdown timer.

- MetaBrief - Via MetaMenus, users will drill down into prompts that lead to critical intelligence dossiers that reveal deep background information on people, places and things John Rambo will encounter in the movies. 15 MetaBriefs, 5 for each film in the trilogy.

- MetaScope - Virtual magnifying glass the user controls to peer inside a person, place or thing via a hot-spot driven interface that floats over the video allowing the viewer to manipulate a remote or a mouse to navigate between and select highlighted objects. 9 MetaScope elements, 3 for each film in the trilogy, each 30 seconds to five minutes.

- MetaSight - Precision laser-guided targeting for seeing the enemy and other threats even before Rambo does. Appears as crosshairs that zoom into a target with laser pointer spot appearing on target. MetaSight will be displayed via picture in picture. Frame will display a brief synchronized animation segment showing the zoom in to the target. 9 MetaSight targets, 3 for each film in the trilogy, each 5-15 seconds.

- MetaPoint - GPS-guided overhead view of onscreen action via satellite uplink. Viewers will navigate via MetaMenus to MetaPoint opportunities. MetaPoint will be displayed via picture in picture and frame will display a synchronized animation showing an overhead zoom from global scale to action scale. 9 MetaPoint views, 3 for each film in the trilogy, each 5-15 seconds.

- MetaMap - Advanced cartographic capability. Moving icons show positions of objects in action on blueprints of installations and maps of landscape features from the films. Displayed via picture in picture with frame displaying a simulation of objects and characters represented as icons moving against a backdrop. Frame will refresh positions every second, similar to a "radar-effect." 9 MetaMaps, 3 for each film in the trilogy, 10 to 30 seconds each.

Additionally, First Blood includes a never-before-seen suicide ending and the first ever Rambo commentary by Sylvester Stallone. Rambo III contains deleted scenes.


Year of Production: 1982, 1985, 1988

Title Copyright: © StudioCanal Image S.A.

Rights: Home Video

Territory: U.S. and Canada

Type: Special Edition

Holdbacks: N/A

Rating: R

Genre: Action

Closed Captioned: Yes

Spanish Availability: Subtitles

Format: 16:9 Widescreen

DVD Running Time: 96 min., 95 min., 102 min.

DVD Audio Status: 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio


Synopsis - He never fought a battle he couldn't win. Academy Award© nominee Sylvester Stallone stars as war hero, ex-Green Beret John Rambo in the one that started it all! FIRST BLOOD is an explosive action-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final powerful frame…


Sylvester Stallone Cop Land, Rocky I-V, Cliffhanger, Antz, Cobra

Richard Crenna The Flamingo Kid, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Wrongfully Accused

Brian Dennehy Romeo & Juliet, Tommy Boy, Silverado, Cocoon

David Caruso "CSI: Miami", "NYPD Blue", Session 9, Jade


Synopsis - Sylvester Stallone in this explosive Oscar©-nominated sequel to FIRST BLOOD is back as John Rambo, the perfect fighting machine. Rambo's survival skills are tested with a vengeance on a top-secret mission that takes him back to the jungles of Vietnam in search of American POWs.


Sylvester Stallone Cop Land, Rocky I-V, Cliffhanger, Antz, Cobra

Richard Crenna The Flamingo Kid, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Wrongfully Accused

Charles Napier The Manchurian Candidate, Philadelphia


Synopsis - When Col. Sam Trautman (Richard Crenna) is captured during a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, Rambo erupts into a one-man firestorm to rescue his former commanding officer and decimate the enemy. This intense, heart-pounding adventure boasts unrelenting action and suspense from start to finish.


Sylvester Stallone Cop Land, Rocky I-V, Cliffhanger, Antz, Cobra

Richard Crenna The Flamingo Kid, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Wrongfully Accused

Kurtwood Smith "That 70's Show", Girl Interrupted, Deep Impact