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The Carver High basketball team returns for their sophomore year when Fox Home Entertainment releases the hit drama The White Shadow: Season Two DVD on March 21. Running from 1978-1981, "The White Shadow" became an instant hit with its humor-laced but serious storylines that went head on with subjects like sex, drinking, discrimination and violence. Created by television visionary Bruce Paltrow, the driving force behind "St. Elsewhere," the "White Shadow" won an Emmy in 1979 ("Outstanding Directing In A Drama Series") and was nominated twice for "Outstanding Drama Series" in 1980 and 1981. Beloved by its fans, the series revolved around Ken Reeves ("Ken Howard", In Her Shoes) as a white former NBA professional no longer able to play ball who finds himself as the coach of a predominantly black inner-city Los Angeles high school. The four-disc DVD set of The White Shadow: Season Two features all 24 episodes from the second season, commentary and three featurettes: "The Shadow of Bruce Paltrow," "Director's Debut" and "A Series Of Memories." The set is available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./$54.98 Canada.

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"The White Shadow: Season Two DVD Synopsis:

When professional basketball player Ken Reeves (Ken Howard) suffers a serious knee injury, his career comes to a grinding halt-and all his dreams of glory seem shattered. Fortunately an old friend, who is now the principal of a Los Angeles inner-city high school, offers him a job as a basketball coach. Although initially hesitant, Reeves' love of the game finally convinces him to accept the position. But he soon discovers the only thing worse than his team's lack of skill on the court is their lack of belief in themselves off the court. Yet the new coach feels certain that the right combination of guts, sweat, luck and attention will make his players winners in the end.

"The White Shadow: Season Two DVD Special Features:

The four-disc set is presented in full screen 1:33:1 aspect ratio and features English stereo sound with English and Spanish subtitles. The DVD set includes selected episode commentaries and three featurettes.

The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One

- On the Line

- Albert Hodges

- Cross-Town Hustle

- Sudden Death

- A Silent Cheer

- No Place Like Home

Disc Two

- Globetrotters

Commentary by Kevin Hooks, Byron Stewart, Erik Kilpatrick and Ira


- Me?

- Needle

Commentary by Victor Lobl

- Sliding By

- Delores, Of Course

- A Christmas Present

Disc Three

- Feeling No Pain

- Artist

- Salami's Affair

- Links

- The Stripper

- Gonna Fly Now

- "The Shadow of Bruce Paltrow" featurette

Disc Four

- Out at Home

- The Russians are Coming

- The Hitter

- The Death of Me Yet

Commentary with Marc Rubin

- Coolidge Goes to Hollywood

- A Few Good Men

- "Director's Debut" featurette

- "A Series of Memories" featurette