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Meet the Fockers stars Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Teri Polo and Blythe Danner.

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Four years ago, audiences were invited to come along with male nurse Greg (a.k.a. Gaylord) Focker (BEN STILLER) on a weekend as he lost his luggage, set the backyard on fire, went a little over-the-top in a game of water volleyball, spray painted the cat and was administered a lie-detector test by Jack Byrnes (ROBERT DE NIRO), his girlfriend’s father (who turned out to be not a horticulturalist, but an ex-CIA operative reluctant to allow Greg into The Byrnes Family Circle of Trust) in the blockbuster comedy Meet the Parents.

The film became the runaway hit of the fall of 2000, tallying more than $300 million worldwide.

Now, Greg has managed to earn his way inside the Circle of Trust and things are going great. He and his fiancée Pam (TERI POLO) are excitedly planning their wedding and there’s only one tiny, itsy-bitsy little thing left to smooth the way to the altar: the future in-laws need to spend a weekend together.

So, Greg and Pam climb aboard Jack’s new state-of-the-art RV (with the Kevlar-reinforced hull and the two-inch Plexiglas windows) for a trip to Focker Isle, the Cocoanut Grove domicile of Bernie and Roz Focker (DUSTIN HOFFMAN and BARBRA STREISAND). The next 48 hours will provide the parents of the intended bride and groom a little time to get to know each other, but more importantly, give Jack the opportunity to study Greg’s parents.

Things start off well enough, but that’s before Jack discovers that the lawyer and doctor Greg presented are, in fact, a liberal stay-at-home dad and a senior citizens’ sex therapist. Then there’s the RV toilet episode, the overly zealous game of touch football, the saucy Cuban caterer with the secret, the incident with the toddler and the glue... Ready or not, it’s time to Meet the’s just one weekend together. What could possibly go wrong?

The makers and stars behind the runaway hit of 2000, Meet the Parents, are reunited -- and joined by some formidable future in-laws -- in the follow-up comedy, Meet the Fockers. Returning to the roles they originated in Meet the Parents are ROBERT DE NIRO as Byrnes clan patriarch, Jack; BEN STILLER, as the soon-to-be son-in-law, Greg Focker; BLYTHE DANNER as Jack’s wife, Dina; and TERI POLO as Greg’s intended, Pam Byrnes. And joining as Greg’s inimitable parents, Bernie and Roz, the Fockers, are DUSTIN HOFFMAN and BARBRA STREISAND.

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