CinemaNow Inc., ( the premiere destination for the legal downloading and streaming of feature-length films, today announced a special trial offer for its top-level subscription service, the Premium Pass Plus. As part of the trial users will be able to choose from nearly 2,000 feature films, shorts, music concerts and TV shows to watch free for seven days with no further obligations.

As part of the trial, users with a broadband (high-speed) Internet connection can choose to stream or download an unlimited amount of movies with the click of a button. CinemaNow’s “See it in seconds” technology also allows users to begin watching downloaded movies in as little as thirty seconds providing a true on-demand experience. All films can be watched in full screen mode on a desktop, laptop or TV monitor in full-screen mode and with full “VCR-functionality” - including the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind.

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Titles from all of CinemaNow’s twenty genres of content will be available for free as part of the 7-day trial including movies from the Horror, Cult, Sci-Fi and Action channels. Users can sign-up for the free trial by going to CinemaNow’s Web site at

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