Criss Angel: Mindfreak The Five Lives of Criss Angel Mindfreak{2} is a five night event, with episode four set to debut on A&E this Wednesday at 10/9 central. To help Criss get to the other side, we are giving away a dangerous prize package that includes exciting Criss Angel T-shirts as well as DVD copies of {3} and {4}. By entering our latest Criss Angel Mindfreak contest, you will become eligible to experience all of the thrills and magic Criss Angel has to offer. These prize packs will do a quick disappearing act, so you better enter our contest today!

Winners Receive:

  • A&E T-Shirts
  • - Criss Angel: Mindfreak - The Most Dangerous Escapes DVD
  • - Criss Angel: Mindfreak - The Complete Season Four DVD set
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World-renowned mystifier Criss Angel has thrilled millions of fans with his unique and daring demonstrations. Now, Criss is ready to amaze the world again with The Five Lives of Criss Angel Mindfreak, a five-part television event on A&E. In each episode, Criss will attempt never-before-seen effects, often placing his own safety - even his life - on the line. Episode four of this exciting mini-series airs tonight at 10/9 central, with the final chapter airing next week on 09/09/09.